Gipsy Kings - Because We Are Gypsies

by Francois Mattei


Dear Gipsy Kings,

I discovered you four months ago in a disco in Paris. Wow! What rhythm! What voices! I became an instantaneous addict.

On March 7th, I had a concert at the Palais des Congrèss in Paris. It was a big success. Afterwards, I went dancing. I danced with energy - lots of energy after my concert. Then I drank tea with my pianist and at four o'clock in the morning I returned to the Hotel Raphael, which I adore. I put the sofa in the middle of the room to see the moon through the large windows. And, with my cassette player on auto-reverse, I listened to the Gipsy Kings until six thirty in the morning when the moon set, and when I was suddenly dying of hunger ... but by then I'd already become familiar with all your songs.

Now I'm home in California. It's beautiful outside -- birds are singing -- and I still hear your records. I've bought copies for my father, who is Mexican, for my sisters, my friends, and my dance teacher.

So here I am, a real fan. I hope to see you someday soon. I'd like to sing "Gracias la Vida" with you (or anything else!). I'll be giving concerts in France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Israel, and Turkey in May, June, and July. Perhaps we can work together somewhere.

Thanks for your music You are good for the soul


Joan Baez

Translator's Note: I have eliminated the opening sentences of this letter, in which Ms. Baez apologizes about the poor quality of her French. She is right.

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