Gipsy Kings Trivia Quiz

The Answers:

  1. Which band member has never had a solo vocal?
    ANSWER: Diego Baliardo

  2. Who plays the bass guitar on Furia?
    ANSWER: André Reyes

  3. What CD did this picture come from?
    ANSWER: Este Mundo

  4. The Gipsy Kings live near what city?
    ANSWER: Arles

  5. The line,
       contra ti, ser feliz y nada mas
    is from which song?
    ANSWER: No Viviré

  6. The following band member(s) play rhythm guitar
    1. Tonino Baliardo
    2. Paco Baliardo
    3. Diego Baliardo
    ANSWER: 1, 2, and 3

  7. Identify Paco Baliardo.

  8. The album Tierra Gitana is analagous to which European release?
    ANSWER: Estrellas

  9. Which band member appeared on all the groups' major releases from the band's inception to 1996?
    ANSWER: Diego Baliardo

  10. Which song has never been officially released as a live cut? (audio or video)
    ANSWER: Pedir a tu Corazon

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