Not the Gipsy Kings, but......

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Not the Gipsy Kings, but......

Postby musicfan » Tue Nov 25, 2014 9:15 am

Thanks to Jusquin and Sirena for the posts regarding other artists.

Thanks also for the posts of recent footage of both Canut and Nicolas.

I know they have posted an Australian/New Zealand tour (Pollstar) - so probably, a US tour would be after that. While they are the originals, and will always be my favorite, sometimes a year is too long to wait. Unlike France, where there are many options to GK "style" music, in the US, there are not as many. It generally requires some travel - to a larger city. In Chicago, I think there are some local groups which play this type of music.... so if you happen to be traveling to Chicago for business or vacation, here are some options which might provide some live listening enjoyment......... (Good luck trying to figure out in advance when they play though.)

Guitarra Azul - They play mostly in the Chicago area. They have a web page but it does not appear to have been updated in ages. I heard them once playing after a GK concert in Chicago. They were quite good. They have 3 albums on Spotify. This song gets off to a slow start but have a listen.

Banoleros- They play mostly in the Chicago area and have been mentioned on this site before. They have collaborated with Patchai. They also have songs on Spotify. The lead singer has left the group, and they have some newer albums out. This is one of the songs where they collaborated with Patchai. You can hear his voice in this video, even though he is not shown. Unfortunately they seem to play mostly night clubs, which is why I have never seen them live.

Jonny Banolero - This is the lead singer from Bandoleros who split off on his own. I am not sure if he still performs. I had stumbled on this when I was heading to Chicago hoping to find a restaurant where one of these groups might be playing.

Gypsy Influence - This is the mystery performer rumbero thought may have been joining the GK performances in Chicago (incidentally it is not, that person is still a mystery). He did however spend some time in France, and now has an album or two out.

It should mention that none of these performers seem to keep their web sites up to date with performance schedules.

Also to note, one of these guitarists David Chiriboga, a guitarist has played (I think) in most of these groups. Here is another group he is associated with. ... ence-83904

While not a musical group, here is another option which does tour on occasion. The dance work was nice, but the guitar work was amazing.
Flamenco Vivo.

If anyone knows more, it would be nice to showcase and support them.
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Re: Not the Gipsy Kings, but......

Postby Sirena » Tue Nov 25, 2014 3:36 pm

Glad you liked the vids' Musicfan. Always nice and encouraging to get a response.
I've added some more from Nicola's 'impromptu' gig. :D

Hopefully, my next Canute one will be filmed by me when I'm in Arles next year.

Some good stuff in the vids' you posted. Here in the UK, we don't have any problems finding flamenco flavoured shows. However, the subject of that style of music tends to bring forth shouts of 'Muzak' followed by tails of drunken, undiscerning Brits' on holiday on the Costa Del Sol....Sometimes immediately followed by serious debates about the higher end of the flameco genre. The GK even 'earned' a mention in a piece called: "Bad Music in Public Spaces" Oh dear!

Anyways...we love them!

I saw some ads' for Aussie shows and thought the billing was if they were touring as two separate acts:

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