Last Night's Kitchener, Ontario Concert

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Last Night's Kitchener, Ontario Concert

Postby adele » Fri May 13, 2016 6:52 am

Hello Everybody,

Well, I vowed I wasn't going to see them again because it wouldn't be the same;
but then they played Kitchener on my birthday very close to my new home in
Cambridge and my son bought me a ticket for my birthday, so I thought I had to go.

I went with my husband and tried to tell him about the new line-up.

So it was very bitter-sweet, more bitter than sweet experience, and I'm still feeling shock/grief.

After following them and going to their concerts for 26 years, it was hard.

We had great seats, 3rd row right, in front of Tonino and Cosso.

Tonino smiled back at me before the concert and I was happy to be there and then a lot of other feelings took over.
Like who are you people with beards,( Nicolas' sons), and why are you singing??

Nicolas did a few songs and Tonino did some crazy, (crazy-good), guitar improvs, but it wasn't the same. They did one together too, just the two of them. I felt like shouting out, you two are the only authentic bit of the whole line-up, what the hell happened??

I wish they would retire and patch things up with their family before it is too late. Some things are more important than fame and money. Would their contract let them retire?

I feel we have this reaction, not because we are being disloyal and hate them; it is because we loved the Gipsy Kings so much and are very loyal to what that once was.

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Re: Last Night's Kitchener, Ontario Concert

Postby pleies » Wed Jun 01, 2016 2:56 am


I was almost in tears reading your blog. I recently went to a GK concert and posted too that of course it wasn't the same. I feel like I was the only one in the whole concert hall that knew the story and how terribly sad it was that there were only Nicholas and Tonino left. As soon as I heard Nicholas singing and then the whole crowd started dancing - I totally was enthralled. His voice goes directly to my soul. I really miss hearing Canuts voice but I listen to old tapes they always make me smile. I have listened to them for over 25years and concider myself one of their biggest fans.
My recent experience was very different from yours in the fact that the concert was simply amazing - all the songs I know they played I could of course hear that Nicholas voice is getting pretty old but he gave it over 200% and everyone in the concert hall (very small intimate venue) really was taken. from beginning to end it was a fabulous concert - I really cant believe that I can even write it like that because I want desperately for them to be like they were. I even tried to talk to my brother in California to buy a ticket because without the demand then he (Nicholas) would in fact have to stop touring
and the world might not ever hear his voice again which would be the saddest of all. I am so so grateful that I did have the opportunity to see them all as they once were in NYC at the radiomusichall so it is doubtful that any concert would ever ever be able to top that concert. I am so torn and saddened by the breakup and I can only hope that as a family they put their music aside and are truly brothers but I do not have any info on that part - they must all truly know they are all better as a family group don't they. The song that both Nicholas and Tonino played together was definitely my favorite but again -
I am their biggest fan and adore all their songs. My concert was the highlight of my whole year - for me im so glad that it was more sweet than bitter but I totally understand all your feelings. I am also grateful that there was this wonderful website to meet other fans but alas - I know this website is not long for this world. Heres to hoping that a reuniting will happen soon but if they do it will probably be only in france but who knows - I will keep my fingers crossed.
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Re: Last Night's Kitchener, Ontario Concert

Postby adele » Thu Jun 02, 2016 7:07 pm

Thanks so much for sharing, pleies.

In a perfect world, I wish they would have won the Grammy, done the concert in France,
which they did, with everyone there, and gone out on a high note and retired, and kept
their pristine memory in our hearts, (tears in my eyes too.)

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