Two more recent concert videos

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Two more recent concert videos

Postby Amanda » Sat Jul 07, 2012 12:44 am

Hi everyone,

I found these on YouTube today:

Gipsy Kings Backyard Bee Cave Texas 050512 Video

Wonderful video of Canut singing “Montaña”! Good sound and good viewpoint close to the stage. Camera pans to show everyone (Canut, Paco, Tonino, Nicolas, Andre, and the backup band). Only down side is that because the bright spotlight is on Canut, you can’t see his face too well, except near the end of the video. ... re=related

Gipsy Kings "Un Amor" Live at The Illusions Theater in San Antonio, TX 05-06-12

Great sound and picture quality, good view of Nicolas (you can also see Andre some of the time, and Tonino for a moment). He sings this song better every year! ... O6Xj0&NR=1

Amanda :geek:
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