Short YouTube video from Wolf Trap, August 7

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Short YouTube video from Wolf Trap, August 7

Postby Amanda » Fri Aug 10, 2012 5:23 pm

Hello everyone,

I just looked on YouTube to see if there were any videos from the recent part of the tour, to see who would be there.

Gipsy Kings Summer of Sight

Per the poster, “Gipsy Kings photo shoot at Wolf Trap on 7 August 2012. Their coolness is matched only by their cool TOMS sunglasses.” An impromptu song with Patchai on guitar, Nicolas, Paul, Andre, Tonino, and Paco. They are very gracious to wear these sunglasses for this short video promotion. Tonino takes the glasses off at the end.

This confirms the rumor that Canut is not on this part of the tour. jonca had said that Patchai and/or Paul would probably be at the Los Angeles concert on August 18. Since both Patchai and Paul were here at Wolf Trap just three days ago, I assume they’ll both be in L.A. Though we'll certainly miss Canut, I'm looking forward to seeing Paul and Patchai. I haven't seen Paul since 2007, and I haven't seen Patchai since 2010 (the year that Canut wasn't on the tour because of the mysterious misunderstanding).

I checked out the TOMS website, and they do wonderful charity work. They give a pair of prescription eyeglasses (or eye surgery or medical treatment) to someone in need (all parts of the world) for every pair of glasses purchased. They first started doing this with shoes and are still doing it. I'm sure this is why our guys were more than happy to do this short video promotion.

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