The Rosemont Theatre

Chicago, Illinois - June 8, 2001


The Chicago show was simply great! Very nice venue (the Rosemont Theatre). The band looked and sounded great, including Nicolas. He looked very happy and well. He was smiling a lot, not only with his mouth but with his eyes as well. His voice sounded strong and as soulful as ever.

The GK were in top form in Chicago, playing to an audience of friendly and rowdy people. It didn't take much -- just a "get up" gesture from Patchai to get the crowd on its feet and dancing. Altho -- and this is the second or third time I've noticed this -- the crowd sits through Salsa de Noche. How can anyone SIT during that song??

Nicolas' voice was strong and superb -- he even sang the vocal flourish at the end of Montana that I love so much. Diego -- who I saw for the first time -- was a special moment for me.

And there was a new song that had shades of Amor Amor, but wasn't quite it. Upbeat tune w/ if I remember, all the Reyes bros singing.

The Chicago concert was great. The GK were in top form. The onstage energy was palpable and they appeared to be having a very good time together.

Nicolas' singing was outstanding and seemed to emanate from his soul, especially on "Un Amor." The audience responded accordingly. And he sang more pieces than in earlier concerts on the tour. It was especially touching to see the way he smiled when Canut sang the lead on "Djobi Djoba." Tonino's playing was splendid on his solos, and really showcased that technique of his. He also appeared to be a bit more relaxed onstage. Patchai led the way with audience involvement and, as mentioned earlier, his signal was all we needed to be up and dancing. He also took the lead in some vocals and did a great job.

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