Freedom Hill Amphitheater

Detroit, Michigan - June 7, 2001


It has already been 24 hours since I have seen such an amazing concert: the Gipsy Kings of course! It was here, in the city of Sterling Heights, Michigan. The last few years it has been at another venue, but this year it was at a place called Freedom Hill. good and bads ...

first bad, so the good sounds better. There weren't that many people for the first 1.5 hours. I was disappointed to see that I and my few friends were some of the only 20 people dancing in the whole place! The last two years I have gone, EVERYONE has danced through the entire concert, but last night it took a little longer.

Ok, that's all the bad. Good. When we entered the venue, we had to walk by the pavillon to go to the lawn, so we had a perfect view of the GK (but the view would only get better), lawn is always the best way to go, I suggest. We plopped down our stuff, but the venue was set up in a way that we could go down to the front area and dance. I'm describing this in such a vague way, but just picture this. Security was so loose that my 1 friend and I were able to sit in the very front row, about 10 feet from the guys (GK) for our lawn priced tickets. And, we told the ticket office something we heard on the radio to get a 2 for 1 sale. So, for $22, the both of us had the best seats available. But, only for 3 songs. Why? Because after about 10 minutes that we were there, tons of people ran down to in front of the stage and started dancing! Security didn't have a chance! I think maybe 100 people were just crammed together in front of the guys dancing! And, my other two friends (and I already know you will not believe this, because I still cannot believe this happened), having been inspired by the already 10 girls dancing on the stage, decided they could too, and they climbed up onto the stage and were dancing around the guys for the final two songs: Bamboleo and Volare! MY eyes were astonished to see my two friends dancing on that stage, but I was not surprised. Every year so far, the last 3, when the GK come to this area magic is in the air! I didn't even make plans to see my friends there, but as I was parking they were walking in front of my car. 2 for 1 tickets for lawn gets us front row for $22. Beautiful sky and setting sun! What more could have made the night more perfect!

Well, that's my story. and I lived it last night and I'm still trying to believe how incredible it was. It was so amazing ya'll!!!!

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