Radio City Music Hall

New York, New York - June 12, 2001


I really can't go over the songs,I had a big door in my way, but the last two were Bamboleo and of course the Encore, Volare... From what I could see through the small cracks in the door, the house was ROCKING....

At the end of the show, our friend gave us back stage passes..We ended upstairs and took alot of pictures...What was great, the Gipsy Kings remembered me... That was an honor...That just shows you once again, they are very loving group.

Night 1, had the pleasure to meet with my friend Lynn, at Toledo restaurant, we sat at the bar and waited for Dan, Sy and Frances,we didn't realize that Frances was already there!!!..a few seats down from us,so she joined us and we introduced our self, very nice lady. Dan and Sy came a few min later, he order almost the whole menu of Tapas, from Jamon Serrano, to Gambas al ajillo, etc., had a few drinks, some good laughs,then we walked up to RCMH, this was Lyn's, Dan's and Sy's first concert...

Got there on time, and as usual the rest of the audience took its sweet time getting there..I find that rude. The group came out at about 8:20, and opened with Galaxia, not my choice for a opening song, but it was done well as usual!!, there were a few sound glitches in the first few sets, like feedbacks, and missed notes, but overall they were awesome!!!...

After intermission, Canut and Patchai, with Tonino on lead guitar did a Fandango, that was the only low of the show, in my opinion Tonino does not cut it, is not in him and it showed, great talent, but not passion for a true form of flamenco, like Fandango, Fandanguillos, Sevillanas or Bulerias for that matter, the rest of the show was awesome, Tonino was his usual great talent all night long and Nicolas was just awesome on lead voice!!!

Sarah and I sat in the second row of the second mezzanine. Sorry guys, I just couldn't afford 2 nights in the orchestra! Radio City is a theater where the sound is good no matter where you are, provided they have some decent sound men, which they did.

IMHO, the show was great. I think Galaxia is a great song to start with, although clearly the audience is not ready for it. On the next song, Lleva Me Compas, Nicholas was as strong as ever. Un Amor was absolutely great, and it was only at the end of the show that he let Andres take over at the end of Bamboleo and at the end of Volare. In talking with him at the restaurant afterwards, he told us that he had a sinus infection when the tour started, and he knew he didn't sound that good. Some of you may have found this out previously.

In the first set, after Tonino played one of his new tunes with Andres and Georges, Patchai came out and sang "Dime" from the first Gitano Family album, Roque Rock. I don't recall this being on anyone's playlist from earlier in the tour. At the restaurant (hold on, hold on!) Patchai told us that that night (Tuesday) was the first time he had sung it. This is the second time that I am aware of that they have changed the playlist in the middle of a tour. The first time was 2 years ago at Madison Square Garden, when they opened on the second night with Pena Penita and included Galaxia for the first time.

The second set was great, no surprises, and the entire show was far too short.

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