Radio City Music Hall

New York, New York - June 13, 2001


Bottom line I can say this...I thought the concert both nights was incredible!! It was great!! ...the second nite, the audience was up on their feet right away...and we had a blast!

The crowd was a lot of fun, up and dancing most of the time. The acoustics were great too, not like seeing them outdoors at Wolftrap. Next year I plan on seeing BOTH shows because Radio City was such a great venue. Nicholas sounded fantastic! It was wonderful to hear him sing "Un Amor" again.

Wednesday we met Carlos and Lyn at the Toledo restaurant (excellent tapas!). We were in the orchestra stage left about 25 rows back on the aisle, and the show was just as good as the night before.

On this night the show was truly perfect, I mean they ware all in sync and really into it!!! ..I did not stop dancing for a min, there was a guy in front of me that kept calling Hotel California!!....:))..yea right..

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