The Backyard

Austin, Texas - May 15, 2003

Austin was packed and full of energy and they did another great show, but Nicolas did not sing as much, didn't come out for the encore and Andre sang Volare and that was it. Seemed shorter than SA but probably wasn't as they did the same songs. The backup band was great, the bass player is HOT, and they all sounded really good and were really getting into their guitar playing. We stayed at the same hotel and got to visit with Titi, Max, Pablo, and Andre a bit. Some friends of Pacheco took him out clubbing in Austin so I think they went down 6th Street to all the great music venues in Austin. Spoke with Nicolas a little the next morning and he sounded VERY hoarse and said his "tension" was very high as he desperatly wants to get home to his kids. But he was very friendly and sweet as always. They asked if we were going to Dallas and we said no, we have to take care of our kids, too. Then they said Houston and right now, we are debating about maybe heading that way today and taking them up on the offer of tickets. Believe it or not, I am almost too tired but it is hard to pass up seeing them for their last show of this part of the tour. If we decide to go, I will post a review as soon as I can. But overall, they seemed realxed, sounded great and are all well. They also said Canut might be able to come to California in September. I don't know if that jives with what the schedule shows, I don't remember when they play where on the second leg, but that is what Max and Pablo told us. So for those of you waiting for the second leg, you are in for a treat, especially if Canut makes it back. Titi is beautiful up there and plays well and sang a little and is a nice fill-in but it is not the same without Canut. Some people in the Austin crowd kept shouting for Montana, but that is HIS song so they were disappointed. They probably didn't realize the one who sings it was missing as they didn't seem to know who any of them were.


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