Greek Theatre

Berkeley, California - August 24, 2003

It was a sunny and veryyy hot Sunday in Berkeley. The boys started on time, all looked very good and their performance was excellent. Canut looks very good and as usual his voice was great. Nicholas voice is at his best, shared the lead with Andre, Canut and Patchai who really moved the crowd. Mario did a very good job but I still think that Tonino is the best. Back-up band were: Georges, Dominique (it was so nice seeing them again), Pacheco (excellent job), Titi, the drummer and the bass (sorry I don't know their names).

Play list 1st part:

Quiero Saber
Djobi, Djoba
Un Amor
Solo Solo Dire
Pena Penita
La Dona
Todos Ole

2nd part:

Llevame el compas
Canto a Brazil
Poquito a poco
A tu vera

Regarding the instrumentals that were played, I know they were Allegria, Galaxia, Pharaon and one more, but I can't say but I did not write the names.

The crowd really enjoyed the concert, they/we danced, sang all concert long and I think the GKs really enjoy that.

I enjoyed the concert, I love Nicholas singing and specially the band's rhythm, music and performance. I missed Tonino too much. On my personal opinion, there is no other band or group like them and Tonino is needed with the band.

Too bad it is only once a year that they tour this part of the world.

This is all by now guys.... those of you who are ready for the Gipsy Fiesta, it will be a great one.


Just a few notes on Berkley!

What can I say? Again they were amazing. ! Nicol sounded better than ever. Canut's Montana, again, was heart stopping. He sounded incredible. They all looked great and Pablo made it a point to introduce the band on more than one ocassion. Patchai was fun to watch. He was in a very playful mood. They were all very happy and it was fun to watch them interact as brothers. Mario again, was simply astounding!! The energy was a little lower but hey they just did two nights in LA and came up the coast so it is understandable.. As always their smiles and their music filled the air with a wonderful beautiful energy. It was yet another amazing concert. This world is truly a better place with them in it...

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