Fleet Boston Pavillion

Boston, Massachusetts - September 6, 2003

The venue was right on Boston Harbor. Flash backs of millennium in Miami came flooding back because during the concert there was a spectacular fireworks display over the harbor. As Nicolas sang he glanced to the open space between the venue roof & side walls to watch the perfect view of the fireworks. Patchai asked the audience to shout Nicolas' name " Ni - co - la, Ni - co - la " 1/2 of them understood & did . It was a fun touch & Nicolas smiled. The crowd danced practically every song & at the encore " Baila baila me " they rushed the stage. The couple of security guards had no chance against the climbing girls & some guys who got on stage. The stage was completely full of dancing audience members. Paul, Andre, Nicolas & Patchai just smiled about the dancers swarming around them. In fact Patchai seemed to enjoy their enthusium so much that he did a second encore of "Toro toro toro Ole" - where for the 2nd time that evening he had the crowd shout out "Ole".

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