Mizner Park

Boca Raton, Florida - May 10, 2003

A different kind of place, it is a little fake town built around a central street with lots of restaurants, high end shops, a little park. At the end of the street is the venue, an ouside amphitheater kind of place. A security guard told me it seats 3,400 and room for about 400 standing. He says it was close to sold out.

PERFECT weather for an ouside show. Slight breeze and warm, not hot and not too muggy. Again with Harvey and Marte we head to our seats, 1st and 3rd rows. Sounds good eh? NOT!!!! They have filled the stage-left 1/3 of the stage with speakers and shifted the band to the right. As a result, I can not see Titi or Patchai or the back-up band. Looking down my row I see a whole group of empty seats almost center stage. After the first 2 songs and they are still empty I "excuse me pardon me" over a pile of people until I get to a GREAT seat, 3rd row CENTER. :)) Marte and Harvey showed up a song later. lol PERFECT!!! And the fools who owned the seats never came. Turns out we were in the comp section, :))), and you know that some of those fools never come at all, or just stay backstage during the show. I'd like to thank them, both for here and for at Wolftrap last summer where the same thing happened.

So anyhow, now I truly enjoyed the show. They changed the song order again a little. Moved things around, added some songs. They did a new Tonino song both nights, but at Misner they also did the Salsa song that Pacheco sings on from Tonino's CD. Aieeee!!!! Love that tune.

The crowd was pretty good, though a whole bunch of the people around me didn't want to dance. Lots of people looked at me and smiled, but they didn't complain thank heavens or ask me to sit down. Eventually even they were won over and the whole place was up and rocking. A gang surged down to dance in the area between the front row and the stage. Security lost contol. LOL

For the encore, the entire band came back out and Nicolas sang lead on Volare. Very fun. Then up went the dancing paya bimbos. A couple of good dancers first, then a mob got up. Security not only didn't stop them, I saw one guy helping them onstage. You could see the GK crew start to get nervous, Richard and David and the Guitar tech all came out to try to stem the flow. So 50 woman dance to Volare. When they finished the band just stayed in their spots as they cleared the mob off stage. THEN, they got up and waved goodbye. Oh yeah, both nights Andre spoke in English, "We love you". lol

We were lucky enough to have backstage passes for after the show. Richard put me in the first group into the dressing room, nice. I had a nice talk with Pablo and then Nicolas. They are arriving back in Arles the same day I get there. LOL "See you at Place du Forum!" Also spoke with Tonino...."Ou sont touts les Baliardos??" He said that Diego and Paco were just home, and Canut was still unable to play. Andre and Patchai were there too but with some lovlies so I didn't speak to them. Out in the hallway by the other dressing room I said hello to Titi and the bass player. I am sorry I didn't speak with Pacheco, he had his back to me and was talking to a friend. Next time. :))) I even had a chance to say hello to their guitar tech. He's the hardest working man on the crew and it has been a very long time since we've even had the chance for a "Ca va?". I left for home smiling. :)))

So that's it from Florida. A very happy Queen is now frantically getting ready for my Thursday departure for France. What a great send-off!!!

I'm very jealous of Katie who now gets to see them in Texas. To all you cousins about to see shows, have a blast!!!! I'll just have to replay the shows in my head over and over and over...... au revoir..... Cathy

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