Nissan Pavillion

Bristow, Virginia - September 7, 2003

Just a few notes on Bristow....

What an extraordinary evening!!!!!! The venue seemed to be a little large for them. When I got there it seemed empty.. It was the way they had everyone seated that made it seem like no one was there. When Pascal walked out for his little "Are you ready for............." He told everyone to move down so that made me feel better... I honestly did not want them looking out as seeing so many empty seats!!!! I was lucky I was able to move down and get two seats right in front of Pablo.. OLE!!

They took the stage and again filled the night air with their magnificent Music.. Pablo, as always warmed the entire venue with that beautiful smile of his. This time I could actually hear him sing. He has a quiet voice but if you listen it is just as wonderful to hear as the others. Again, Andre was simply a joy to see and hear. He too has that beautiful Reyes smile that just radiates throughout the entire venue. He is a gifted musician and you can truly see that he loves what he does. Nicola.... What can you say about a genius?? The Gipsy with the golden voice.. He is simply put... AMAZING!! Mario, as always blew the roof off of the place with his exceptional guitar playing. He is truly a force!! Patchai... As always "Senor show biz". Patchai has this wonderful ability to make people genuinely happy.. And he loves to see people having a good time... I love hearing sing and watching him react to the audience.. Titi, as I have said before, is showing so much more confidence and he is more relaxed when he performs. Canut.... Canut is amazing, to say the least. Again he put his guitar down and he sang "Montana" completely opening himself up to the audience. He took center stage and he sang.. There was a moment during the song where he turned to Nicola and the two of them sang to eachother... It was heart stopping. Canut is a force he is a brilliant brilliant musician.. They all are!! The set list was pretty much the same as the other concerts... This being their last one there were some wonderful moments... When it came time for "Bamboleo" Paul brought out his son and Nicola's son and they played percussion on Bamboleo.. Amazing!! It is nice to see that their music is being passed down... And that it will live on in future generations... They did two encores they, of course sang "Volare" and for this one they brought out David, to play with them.. They handed him a tambourine and he played... Honestly, he is an exceptional musician and I think with the right representation he can go very very far!!!! ;-) They ended the show with "Caminando por la calle..." Just Paul's son on the Cajon and the five Reyes Brothers singing..... Need I say more!!!!

I started my little adventure at Red Rocks and was so honored and privileged to be able to see them this summer... I crossed the country and I drove countless miles just to see this group of remarkable individuals... Not just them but the entire group of people who make them shine... Their extraordinary back up band..... To their technicians to their management... Which I would like to thank David for making dreams come true...I didn't cross this country for my benefit I did it for them... I did it so I could give back just a small piece of what they have given to me......



The night was beautiful, and the Pavilion had about 10,000 people there (it holds 21,700). It seems that the very rear section had not sold at all and all the lawn people were sitting in those seats. Pascal came out and looked at the crowd. He said, "I can hear you people in the back, but I can't see you very well. Please feel free to come forward. You are welcome to sit wherever you want. Are you ready for the Gipsy Fiesta???" Then the cattle came in droves. The orchestra section filled up quickly and that drove the security people nuts! It was a great vibe when Pascal said "FREE FOR ALL"! That got the crowd worked up and the energy stayed for the entire show.

All the singers sounded great. I think this is the first time in a long time where all of the singers were at the top of their game. The set list stayed the same.

Since this was the last show of the tour, they brought out all the family member on stage and their "primo" David. Both Nicolas' and Pablo's sons were brought out and played percussion instruments and David played the tambourine. They have been doing this for the last show in the past, and it is always great fun to see. They ended with the acapella version of "Caminando", which sounded phenomenal.

One funny faux pas that was committed by Paul: right before "Galaxia" he said: "And now for you, playing the Gipsy guitar is Tonino.....MARIO....MARIO playing for you!" That drew a chuckle from ALL of the band members on stage. It completely went over the heads of 99.99999% of the crowd. Yes, Pablo, we all missed Tonino as much as you did. :-)

Can't wait for next year! Long live the GK [and they better come back w/El Maestro next year! :-)]


Here's my late musings on the last show of the tour. I had sooooo much fun in the DC area over the weekend it took me this long to get rested up enough to write. :))) Others have reviewed the show well, I'll just add my 2 Euros to what has already been said.This was something like my 22nd GK concert and it was one of my absolute favorites.

The venue was a giant place, and the stage was too high, but it felt remarkably cozy when everyone moved inside and settled it. The sound where I sat was excellent. We even passed up the chance to go to the front, as with such a high stage we'd have lost the great view we had in 3rd row center. :))

I loved the energy of the show. Last show of the tour, no reason to hold back or save anything for the next show.... they just let it all out!!!! Nicholas sounded fabulous. He sang on all the songs you usually associate with him and had lots of harmonies on others. Hearing Canut's guitar made me sooooo happy.l had truly missed his strummings, they are so unique it just wasn't the same in the 4 shows I saw without him. He looked and sounded great too. Bienvenue Canut!!!!! Titi has really come a long way in the past year. He's singing backup and looks a lot more confident. I enjoyed watching him. They were all really up and happy and playful and very supportive of each other. I really enjoyed Mario. His energy was great and his playing really skilled. Now I'll be stoned by all the Tonino die-hards on the list, but for me personally, I really didn't miss him all that much as the show was just soooo full and fun and energetic. I adored the little ones coming out to play. Patchai made a big presentation of them for their debut. They looked terrified at first but their fathers, uncles, brothers and cousins gave them lots of support and encouragement and they shone!!!! It was a joy to watch them and their family. The acapella ending was totally magic. You don't always get magic, even at great shows, but this was real. Somehow, wonder of wonders, the ENTIRE audience totally hushed except for doing the palmas that Pablo set the pattern for, and they GOT IT. There reached a point where those sweet multi-part vocals and the precise palmas were the only sounds you could hear. Crystal moments. It was amazing. I held that feeling as we left the venue.

Too filled to stop there, Elena, Peggy, her sister and I cruised back to Arlington to a Bolivian club to hear Duende Cameron. A perfect place to finish the night, more great music, energy and dance. We got in around 3, and up 2 hours later to get me to the airport. Haaaa! Georgia!! You must have been at National or I'd have stumbled over you in the early hours. I flew from Dulles. I landed back in Florida and was at work by 11. Yikes!!! Worth every weary body part. It was a GREAT weekend and I went home GypsyPowered!!!! That buzz is just now wearing off. Ahhhhh.....

Time to start looking forward to the next tour. lol


First off, I REALLY hope the GK play Wolftrap next year... Nissan wasn't thrilling me at all... too far out, too impersonal~ Even tho Wolftrap is a good size too it seems more intimate to me, must be all the wood...] OK the whole day was great! It was good to see Susan! Met up with her after I had an earlier black shirt dilemma... nothing too grave tho... Had some dinner together while chatting & made our way to lovely Bristow, VA with tunes cranking on her CD player [I earlier made a cool little compilation CD with Peret, Natacha, GK, Los Reyes, et al...] By the entrance to the venue we saw Cathy, Elena & Carmen and later Efren, Annie & the kids joined us. Then a little later we met up with Stacy & her friend Abu~ cool guy Stacy! and even a little later than that Peggy [past list member] and her sister joined us! Excellent group! Was hoping to see Ulis & Carmelina tho... ah bien... Just as we were about to put a hole through the speaker with an assault rifle after hearing the no-fireworks-or-weapons-of-mass-destruction-allowed-in-the-park-in-only-bags-less-than-12"-in-diameter announcements one more time, we took off for the entrance gate, got some refreshments [where we saw Stacy & Abu!] I got my very special $4,000.00 *12 oz.* bottle of diamond encrusted water ;) and then we strolled in to our seats.

The free upgrade from Pascal was like a shot in the arm for everybody way back~ it broke the ice immediately! Same set as before... The guys were definitely having fun tho! Susan & I were smack center, 4th row back, right behind Stacy & Abu, and the view was perfect [for me anyway... don't like to be too too close] Mario was in form again~ a couple of times he seemed a little melancholy, maybe because it WAS the last night, but otherwise just doing his thing & jamming! Canut's actual solos were great... [A Tu Vera & Montana] he'd put his guitar down, then come the center a la Nicolas-style and belt it. Some echo added to Montana for drama~ wasn't overwhelming or anything... Patchai looked like he JUST jumped out of the shower, got dressed & dashed over, but sounded great of course... no complaints at all! Actually, only for just the sound & lights sometimes... At times Canut's voice was too low when he had a part, missing spotlights until somebody was already well into a solo during a song, ruining the punch of what they were trying to accomplish... but the show goes on right? Canut was dancing alot too~ always a sign that things are going well... ;))) Pablo's little Tonino/Mario faux pas was funny as hell! and yeah, I'm sure most of the audience had no friggin clue...

The encore was verrrry cool~ it was Volare first~ loved seeing Jose grinning, ready for action, little fingers all taped up to play the cajone [so cute!] Paul looking so proud, and Joann, with a little stage fright at first, but still cool, both getting up there & playing with their dads & uncles! Then David with the tambourine... lol rhythm nation! and when you thought it was going to be only one song [because at that point they all put their guitars down] then came Caminando! It was AMAZING... no band either, only Pacheco closer to the end dropping in a few very random beats just for measure & to add some weight... but totally acapello with the audience doing pretty decent palmas as Nico sang, Andre harmonizing & hitting those lofty notes... pretty sweeeeet.... a nice end... then it DID end and off they went. I hope Stacy & Susan got some nice shots of the show~ can't wait to see!

Really hope they do a US tour next year.... and by now, they allllll know I want to hear Porompopero! made sure of that! heehee lmao ~ we'll see! :)))


I agree with I think it was Jeremy who wished for a new playlist, but I really enjoyed this concert. The sound system wasn't a problem as it often seems to be and the GK looked like they were having a great time and sounded wonderful. The a cappella song was a perfect way to end.


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