Chicago Theatre

Chicago, Illinois - August 15, 2003

It was great!...I had a wonderful dinner surrounded by beautiful women including: Laura, Linda, Linda, Barbara, Georgia, Victoria, Marie, Judy, Jeanna, Jeanne and Terri (Linda and Terri are not on the list...yet). Then had a great time at the concert! It seems that Tonino went out looking for Canut and must have found him as Canut showed up but then Tonino was missing! I think it was Mario from Chico and the Gipsies that handled lead guitar duties. I missed Tonino but it was still a great time! I don't think there was any new music, but a great show!
John L

It's true...not a Baliardo to be seen in Chicago. Pablo, Andre, Nicola, Mario Regis, Patchai and Canut, sans ponytail. After the concert Titi did say Tonino was not feeling well with a fever, but did not get a conformation that he would be joining the tour later. Got a chance to welcome Canut back and tell him he was greatly missed. Everyone looked great and Mario (Mr. Showman) really played to the audience & everyone was on their feet most of the night. Like John mentioned, no new songs, not even anything close to the "cowboy song". No talk of a new cd.

Thanks John for getting us all together. It was nice to see old friends and meet some new members. Those of you going tonight, enjoy! Wish I could be there too!

Good news...finally some decent looking T-shirts this year!


I'm still bumming & stunned about lack of Tonino... I hope he's doing OK... I got conflicting info about his presence later on the tour. Pascal very calmly said "oh yeah, he'll be back for the rest of the tour, Mario is just filling in for him while he makes it out" while Patchai, quietly & almost whispering to me, "no he's not coming at all~ he's sick" then right after that "but Mario is good huh??" So that was helpful... right??????? damn... :/

btw, it's Mario Regis~ I've been told that Mario is Patchai's son-in-law, so it was a TOTAL REYES show last night ~ he's played with Gitano Family & Chico & the Gypsies right? I've heard both... he's very good..... but just not el Maestro...... :((( I played Allegria all the way on the flight over & almost cried... Galaxia... ah bien~


Me duele mucho, no Tonino. :...(

Mario covered up his weaknesses with lots of strumming and emoting. It got the crowd going but he can't touch El Maestro. Mario is definitely a showman.

This song list is incomplete and out of order but here goes. No new songs, not even the "Cowboy" song.

Lleva Me el Compas, Solo, Solo Dire, Un Amor, Montana, Poquito a Poco, Galaxia, Pharon, Allegria ( passable versions I guess), La Dona, Canto a Brazil, A Tu Vera, Como un Silencio (?)...... And of course Bamboleo (sung by Andre and Patchai, Nico went off stage just before) and Volare (encore + one more ?). I know I'm missing a few others. Marie and Georgia might remember them.


Georgia and Victoria covered the All-Reyes Chicago concert pretty well. The show was good, but as has been reported, no Tonino. :-(( Mario is a good player, but as Vic said, he's a showman. His style is more flamboyant, lots of eye contact with the audience and flashy moves with the guitar. Quite a contrast from the more introspective El Maestro. Mario and his father-in-law kept things stirred up on stage and the audience response was very enthusiastic. Nicolas' voice was in fine form.


Our guys put on an awesome, phenomenal concert. Once again it brought tears to the eyes, absorbing all that talent and charm.

They were on fire from the moment they walked on stage, and they looked like they were having a great time together as usual. I was too busy dancing off dinner sangria in my second row seat (as Judy put it, it was like trying to dance in a phone booth, but the view made it all worth while) to write up a play list, but y'all are in for a treat. I can say to all the Canut fans, he's looking good, playing in fine form, and ~ we heard Montana! Pablo and Andre were smiling away at us the whole night, Nico had fun with a couple of twists on usual arrangements (listen for Todos Todos Todos) and Patchai kept the crowd rowdy. Titi looks so much like his dad. Mario did do an amazing job, but Tonino fans, relax, I heard from two of our guys that they expect him later in the tour (he's had headaches and fever, but I don't know for how long now). I did manage to tear my eyes away from the stage at one point just long enough to turn around to see the entire sold-out theatre crowd on its feet bamboleoing. I curtsied at the end in thanks, and Pablo and Canut bowed back with grins.

There's actually great looking t-shirts available, and mine's all signed!

It was fun to see Tonino's CD displayed on an endcap at the Virgin Records megastore on Michigan Ave. Nicola told me the new CD will be released in October.

Nico and Pablo's little boys are on tour with them, too; they had fun warming up the drum sets before the show, and then hopped off the stage to charm us.

Next year is * too * far * away.

Con carino,

I just got back from Chicago last night and this is the first chance I've had to sit at the computer.

As for the show, all I have to say is Wow! It was strange to see GK without Tonino, but the show was memorable, Mario did hold his own, but he looked out of place. Second row seats at the beautiful Chicago Theatre right between Patchai and Canut--does it get any better than that? Well, maybe just a little. I got some smiles from Canut during the show and then Patchai sang "Poquito a Poco" to me it was a blast. Getting to talk to Patchai and Canut after the show was a real thrill. Canut has always been my most favorite, and getting to visit with him was something I never expected, and something I will never forget, he is quite the kidder, I can see he likes to joke and play.

Thank you all of the members I met who made the trip even more memorable, I just got my pictures back, you all look great! Take care and I can't wait to hear from the others who are still waiting to see GK on this leg of the tour. Until next year and more shows...

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