Majestic Theatre

Grand Prairie, Texas - May 16, 2003

Karen Davis, her twelve-year old daughter Micaela, and I attended the Dallas concert at a new venue this year. In years past, Gipsy Kings have played here at an outdoor facility. Depending on the Texas weather (we had triple-digit temperature at my first concert six years ago) and what month the guys came to town, it could be extremely uncomfortable for both performers and fans alike. Last night's concert was at NextStage, a relatively new indoor facility with a seating capacity of 6,350 (the venue wasn't soldout but somehow filled up from the small crowd I observed at 8 pm) located southwest of Dallas (conveniently just 12 miles south for me). Frankly, I really wasn't looking forward to an indoor venue, thinking the sound might not be as good. Surprisingly, I found the sound and lighting better than at the previous outdoor venue. The sound wasn't perfect, though. I first noticed this at the beginning of the sixth number -- when Nicholas began to sing Un Amor. Too much reverb.

The great news -- Nicholas was here this year!!! The guys did not favor Dallas (or Texas) with a visit last year, and two years ago Nicholas wasn't on the second leg of the tour so Karen, Juliet, and I didn't get to see him backstage. Nicholas' voice was in much better form than I had expected. He sang lead on five songs and didn't seem to hold back at all. The audience was extremely appreciative of him. Twice, after lengthy applause, he shrugged his shoulders to the others onstage as if to say "I can't help it if they like me." The line-up from left to right: Paul, Andre, Nicholas, Tonino, Patchai, and Titi. Four members in the backup band -- Pacheco, Fernando, Dominique, and unknown drummer.

The play list seemed to be the same as that reported earlier by Derek:

  1. Intro (?) [I'm not good at identifying the instrumental pieces unless I hear them in context on a CD.]
  2. Galaxia (?)
  3. Tristessa (Andre on lead instead of Nicholas as in the original)
  4. La Dona (Nicholas)
  5. Djobi Djoba (Patchai and Nicholas)
  6. Un Amor (Nicholas) - an audience favorite (though not one of mine, but hey, it was Nicholas singing and that's what matters most)
  7. Solo, Solo Dire (Andre) - a few people finally on their feet, especially female and in the middle section down in front (oh, yeah, and Micaela wanted me to tell you she was up dancing, too)
  8. Instrumental (all six on guitar) - don't know what it was; it was long and included prominent keyboard work; something new?
  9. Nicholas singing something I couldn't identify
  10. Todos, Todos, Ole (Patchai) - from what CD does this come?


  11. Sabroso (Andre, Tonino & Titi) - Paul, Nicholas, and Patchai not onstage
  12. Nicholas singing something I couldn't identify but really liked (New, or different arrangement?)
  13. Canto a Brazil (Andre)
  14. Instrumental (all six on guitar)
  15. Poquito a Poco (Patchai and Andre)
  16. A Tu Vera (Andre and Patchai)
  17. Bamboleo (Nicholas)
  18. Encore: Volare (Andre) - Major, Major Disappointment that Nicholas didn't return to the stage for the encore; what does Dallas have to do to get more than one encore?

    I had thought we got shortchanged with a short set, but we got the same number of songs as two years ago. There were no paya bimbos called to the stage to dance this year. The three of us were eight rows back and practically inline with Paul. The couple we met (their very first GK concert, but they have been to the south of France; we referred them to to our right (that is, more towards the center) had purchased their tickets on the phone from Ticketmaster just three weeks ago. Karen and I were online on two computers and communicating by cell phones the second the online Ticketmaster sale began in March. Have I mentioned how very much I dislike Ticketmaster for holding back the best tickets when tickets go on sale? And shouldn't those people glued to their seats in the rows in front of us be prevented from purchasing or accepting free tickets to any future GK concerts?

    Jacque Elledge

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