Majestic Theatre

Houston, Texas - May 17, 2003

I saw the Houston show. They played great but the concert was way too short! I expected to be in flamenco heaven, but alas, all good things had to come to an end. They invited a couple of ladies from the audience to interpret the music (I guess that's what you call what the ladies did!), which was a little disappointing - especially the green-clad lass thrusting her hips in a most non-flamenco way. I suggested that she take some dance lessons but, after I removed her shoe from my nose, I realized that she was very passionate about her interpretation. On a lighter note, the sound quality was superb and the crowd was completely enthused. I don't remember seeing anyone sitting during the entire show (with the exception of the gentleman who was being "attended" by the lovely lady he had a date)!!!!!! All in all, a very excellent show. Tonino's guitarplaying was fantastic!


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