Greek Theatre

Los Angeles, California - August 23, 2003

Still on cloud nine from Saturday's concert which was awesome. The band was in great shape and played a great concert. Mario did an awesome job I was able to see his handwork on the big screen right next to me and it was incredible. Like always Nicolas voice was great he sure did a lot of dancing at the end when Patchai picked someone from the audience (they were quite a few of them on stage)it was the first time I have ever seen Nicolas dance on stage.

There was more dancing from the GK they really seem to be enjoying themselves on that stage. The first half Patchai had to tell people to get up and dance. He didn't realize that first half the pit section wasn't allowed to get up. The second half they were up and dancing and that made a big differnce to him. It was nice to see Canut back on tour he was all smiles.

Music was great, love the song that Patchai sings Todos Ole. Andre did an excellent job with Canto A Brazil and Solo Dire there was no one sitting for those two songs. Canut sang Montana which brought tears to my eyes. I am sad it's all over.

Got to see Patchai, Mario, Pablo and Andre spoke to them briefly I was very happy and on cloud nine.

Can't wait until next year when the Gipsy Fiesta comes back to Los Angeles, I hope that year goes by super fast. oh before I forget...........

I am happy to announce that the Gipsy Kings were honored at the Greek Theatre for selling over 100,000.00 concert tickets over the years they have been playing at the Greek. Their award will be put on the theatres Hall of Fame wall along with Santana, Harry Belafonte, etc. The Mayor of Los Angeles declared August 23 as Gipsy Kings day here in L.A.


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