The Joint at the Hard Rock Hotel

Las Vegas, Nevada - August 29, 2003

Saw the Las Vegas concert last night, and I'm still high from the experience!!!

First of all, Canut was there, and that was a beautiful thing! I was in the second row, right in front of him, and much to my delight, the seats were positioned so that no one could get in front of us and dance (and block that GREAT view!!). Canut, to me, looked a bit uncomfortable....I don't know whether he is still trying to find his stage voice/stage presence after such a long absence.....but he definitely looked a bit ill at ease. Still, I was thrilled to get to see him again, and I'm so glad he's back!!!

I sat near two list members, Blanca and Lydia, and enjoyed meeting them. We were all up on our feet and enjoying the music to the fullest!!!

It was a high from the first song....and I will agree with the positive comments about the new guy who is assuming Tonino's place.....he is a very gifted guitarist!!! Patchai, again, was the "ringleader" as far as getting everyone going.....but it didn't take much effort. The crowd was into it almost immediately.

All in all, it was a major high for me. I wait about 365 days for a one hour set, but it is such a privilege to get to see this world renown group and absorb all the energy they impart. Next year's gypsy fiesta can't come soon enough for me!!!


I'm not good at reviews but all I can say is that it was a wild time in Vegas. I was with Lydia right by the stage and it was fantastic. The more I see them the more I love them. Canut was just great. A little bit about the bass player. We were in the coffee shop at Hard Rock after the show and I spotted this dark haired guy walk in and sit at a table with two other people. I asked the waitress to go ask him if he was the Bass player for the Gipsy Kings. She asked him and came over and told me he was. I went over to the table and asked him if he wouldn't mind coming over to our table to take some pictures. He was very polite and said of course. He came over and sat with us for about twenty minutes. He told us his name is Xavier (pronounced Haveeher) Padilla (Fernando Xavier Padilla Delgado). He's been with the Gipsy Kings for two years and he loves it. He's a serious musician and wants very much to be a contributing part of the group.


Sorry it has taken so long to get down my "Las Vegas experience", it took me a while to get to a computer. Anyway!! Just a few notes on the show..As always..... What can I say? Yes, they only played a single set, for what seemed like an hour and a half... That little over an hour and a half was truly remarkable... The back up band was fabulous.. Pacheco is always on fire... As always Pablo and Andre lit up the "Joint" with their smiles, and their exceptional guitar playing.. Nicolas, sounds better each time I hear him. Each time I hear him sing "Un Amor" it sends chills down my spine. Mario, again, was remarkable. I can tell, that this tour is taking a lot out of him, but he still plays with a fire and a passion that is fun to watch. Titi all smiles. And he will be exciting to watch as he gets older. Patchai, always "Senor Show Biz" I love to watch him react to being on stage with his son. He is so proud of Titi. And also of Mario. And Canut. Canut is simply amazing. As I have said before am simply amazed by the "new Montana" The song has evolved. It has truly gone from a song to being almost a prayer. With the new "Middle Eastern" inflections in the harmonies and the final addition of all of his brothers at the end makes it a truly beautiful moment. And yes, Canut does cry when he sings that song. I Can't say enough about how the world is a better place with them in it and I will say it again and again and again.... Each and every one of them is truly special.



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