Dodge Theatre

Phoenix, Arizona - August 30, 2003

I had never had front row seats before. What an experience! The guys took the stage at about 8:15. They all looked great and I was lucky enough to get a world class smile from Andres. It was obvious immediately that Patchai, Canut and Andres were upset with something. A young man sitting next to us explained during the intermission that the balance was wrong and that the guitars were drowning out their voices. Although I had trouble hearing some words, I thought it was just distortion from being so close. All three kept motioning to somebody off stage and an adjustment seemed to be made during Pharaon. Canut sang the lead vocal on Djobi Djoba and seemed uncomfortable. He did a fine job regardless. Pablo and Nicolas were smiling all the time. Nicolas sounded stronger than ever - what a showman! Canut sang Montana and again just did not seem comfortable. At times all the brothers joined in. During A Tu Vera Patachai did not use his guitar, he went off stage and found a green plastic tubelike piece and a drumstick and just played rhythm on it. He also tossed a maraca to a boy about 11 that was standing in the aisle. The kid did great and did not miss a beat. After the song the boy returned the maraca and Patchai shook his hand and spoke with him. Patchai was very playful during A Tu Vera and made it such fun. Tonino's absence was felt, but if a substitute is needed Mario is the one. He was wonderful. After the show I asked a stagehand for a play list. It went like this:

Galaxia, Tristessa, Quiero Saber, Djobi Djoba, Un Amor, Solo Solo Dire, Pharaon, La Donna, Todos Todos, Intermission, Hombre, Lleva Me Compas, Montana, Canto a Brazil, Alegria, Poquito a Poco, A Tu Vera, Bamboleo, and the encore was Baila Me.

After the show we went to where the buses were parked, hoping to get another glimpse, but were told it would be 1 to 1 1/2 hours. Since we had a two hour drive in front of us we opted not to wait. This is only the third GK concert I have seen, but I always leave feeling that they are so blessed to have the gift of bringing such joy to so many people. All in all the show was everything I hoped it would be. I'm as excited and ready for the show tonight in Tucson. Hope this isn't too long - just wanted to share the glow!


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