NTELOS Pavillion, Harbor Center

Portsmouth, Virginia - September 3, 2003

Very short on time, but I thought I'd throw in a quick review of the NTELOS Pavillion concert on Wednesday night.

It was raining hard and the lightning was incredible! They almost cancelled the show, but cooler heads prevailed and the show started at 8:10. When the came on stage, Mario was fiddling around with the guitar to see how the sound was. It was coming out fine on the house speakers but apparently not loud enough on the monitors because both Patchai and Mario were telling the sound guy to turn Mario up. When Mario started doing Galaxia, Patchai looked at the sound guy, pointed to Mario's guitar, and made a motion like TURN HIM WAY UP! After the 2nd song, Patchai apparently was fed up with the sound guy and he just put his guitar down and walked off stage! He didn't come out until it was his turn to sing.

The set list is basically the same as others, and I was pleased to see them do Pharaon. Believe it or not, I actually told Tonino last year that it was time for them to play it since it had been 12 years since they last played it. I don't know if they listened to me or not, but lo and behold it is being played live! :-)

Mario was phenomenal, but I did miss Tonino nonetheless. They all sounded great, especially Nicolas! Patchai was working the crowd and Canut took center stage during A Tu Vera (not A Mi Wawa as posted earlier). They all seemed to be having a great time, but they were disappointed that they were playing to a half empty venue. Maybe the rain kept many away.

Got a chance to hang out backstage after the show and hung out with Pacheco all night. We went back to the hotel and about half of the guys were at the piano bar. For those of you that don't know it, Pacheco is the percussionist, and he is the nicest, most down to earth human being there is. I also got to talk to Mario for a few minutes and I was surprised at how shy and soft spoken he is. I guess I am just used to the jerk off behavior of half wits that call themselves guitar players in the punk and rock scene, and to see someone who is so humble and so talented is really refreshing.

I am looking forward to the Nissan Pavillion show in Virginia on Sunday. Sorry I can't hang out before the show, but hopefully I'll see some of you during or after the show.


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