Majestic Theatre

San Antonio, Texas - May 14, 2003

I just wanted to say that it was as always a truly wonderful show. The music and energy at the venue were spectacular.

I was thrilled to meet fellow list member Katie before the show, she is a lovely and vivacious lady...I'm hoping this was just the beginning of a long friendship. I also got to meet a lovely Asian lady who was in town for a business meeting and is a friend of another list member whose name also eludes me at this time, sorry, but she was very sweet and she enjoyed her first live GK experience.

On the way into the concert, I was walking across the street from my hotel to the theatre when I walked by a little bistro, with tables on the sidewalk (very European) and who do I spot? Patchai with two other gentlemen. I was so thrilled, every fiber of my being wanted to just run up to him and ask for a picture and tell him what a huge fan I have been for so long, but I restrained myself! I wanted him to enjoy his meal, and his quiet time before the show. I did smile and say hello and he gave me this big, beautiful smile and a very enthusiastic "hola" in return.

The show seemed a little short to me not quite 2 hours with a short intermission, but then they are never long enough. Nicholas was in fine voice and sang quite a few songs excellently. I can't remember all of the songs they did, but among them were: "Djobi, Djoba"; "La Dona"; "A Tu Vera"; "Un Amor"; "Solo, Solo Dire"; "Bamboleo". I did recognize the "Cowboy song" that everyone who has seen the shows so far has talked about. There were numerous instrumentals. Tonino was on fire, as was Patchai. They invited several dancers on stage at times, and the whole audience was on their feet for most of the show. For the encore they did "Volare" and then an a capella version of "Caminando Por La Calle" that was breathtaking.

I always leave GK shows totally happy and totally exhausted, and last night was no exception to that rule it was great fun. I hope all of you who are going to see them on this tour have a good time and to those who can't see them this go round, I'm sorry!!

Lastly, Thank you Bob and Lauren for keeping this wonderful list alive. You and it are a joy, a fountain of knowledge, and a great resource. Gipsy Kings forever!! Love you Canut.

Laura Limon
New Braunfels, TX

Thanks, Laura, for the great review of SA. It was fantastic!!! I did think the crowd was a little too laid back at first but Patchai aned Pablo kept motioning for them to get up and that helped. I ended up in front of the stage dancing because I couldn't stand it anymore back in my seat as they were all sitting down. It was so good to see Nicolas after almost a 3 year absence here in Texas and he sounded great. They did the same playlist that has been reported earlier by others. The cowboy song is GREAT!!!! Wish I had remembered to ask them the name of it. And yes, the encore was Volare but then it was so magical as Nicolas just spontaneously broke into Caminando Por La Calle, and then his brothers gathered round him and they sang the first chorus and verse of it, not the entire song, but it was so special just hearing them harmonize with no guitars and it seemed like such a genuine heart-felt gift from them, it was truly magical.

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