U.S./World TOUR 2005

Mashantucket, CT - May 20

The Foxwoods casino theater is actually a pretty nice venue: I'd guess it holds maybe a couple of thousand people, seats rise up so everyone has a good view, from the back of the theater (I was at least 3/4 of the way back) you can tell there are people on stage, but can't really see their faces, for example. The sound was good, and the lights were really nice. I was with my brother (who has seen them at Radio City) and my best friend from college. We got there just as Pascal was introducing them.

Something I thought interesting re dress: Patchai and Tonino were wearing what looked to me like bluejeans.

Patchai was having a great time. Before the second song (Pharaon?) he swung his arm to get people up. Later on, he was doing some kind of Irish jig to a rumba! He sang a new peppy song where the refrain went something like "Querre a mi, amor" (maybe la mora (?), because there was a distinct -ah sound at the end of the phrase) which loosely translated means Love me, lover. Immediately after this new song, Tonino played a new instrumental, where the band gathered around him in a tight semi-circle.

They only played one set of about an hour, did not sing Volare (thankfully), and did not return for an encore after Bamboleo.