U.S./World TOUR 2005

Ft. Worth, Texas - June 8 & 9

I went to the Ft. Worth concert Thursday night! It was a real "trip"!! Never knew tame Ft. Worth could be so wild and crazy! The Bass Hall is a gorgeous venue, but made for opera more than for wild flamenco fans.

Okay, WHO is on this tour???? Patchai wasn't in Dallas. If Paul was there, he's dyed his hair. Once Nicolas gestured at him and said something about Pablo, but I thought I had to have been mistaken. THIS Pablo had jet black hair! Did I miss something? Canut sang several numbers because Nicolas was having some throat problems, but he did sing most of the standards. We heard two new songs (at least, new to us) and one new instrumental. Canut did his Fandango, which I loved.

One of the funniest things was when ersatz Pablo pulled a cute young thing from the audience onto the stage. She was fully clothed, but she was a great little dancer (too young for the guys, though! She wasn't even 18, I don't think!). Then, it became a free for all with about 50 girls scrambling onto the stage for "Baila, Baila Me". It happened again during the "Volare" finale, including a couple of guys who were quickly escorted back down! Too crazy! I had a Rastifarian-looking guy sit next to me who had obviously quaffed a few before coming in. He was quiet for the first few numbers, but when Nicolas started, "Un Amor", he elbowed me and yelled, "DO YOU KNOW THAT ONE?" I just looked at him as he started singing along at the top of his lungs. Sigh. He finally ran out of steam about half-way through the song.

They had a few new items on the souvenir stand... a jacket, a green "Fidel" style hat that had a red GK on it, and concert t-shirts with a list of all the performances on the back. I'll wait and buy mine on eBay. I got a hat last month for .99 with 4.99 shipping. Beats $25!!!

Karen in Dallas

I had been enjoying their songs via CD's for several years now, so I decided to go to their concert in Fort Worth on June 9th, (Canut's birthday). It was my first, though, so didn't know what to expect and can't compare. Anyways, they got me hooked, and I will definitely go see them again. Meanwhile, I will go back to their CD's and listen over and over again.

Their talents are enormous and numerous. They are guitar geniuses. Sooooooo, "Long Live the Kings".