U.S./World TOUR 2005

Henderson, NV - August 20


What can say?? Another Incredible Gipsy Kings concert at the Green Valley Ranch in Henderson, Nevada! The casino is fairly new, and is close to the airport off of the I-215/Green Valley Parkway exit. The concert was held in the Grand Events Center which is a ballroom converted to a stage with rows of chairs. I'd say maybe 2000 people were at the concert last night. It was pretty small compared to other venues. The band started at 9pm and played straight through until 10:30pm. The crowd was sitting for 90% of the concert. Patchai crossed his arms in front of the audience, and waved with his hands for the audience to get up and dance. Probably thinking, what's wrong with these people?? The band played straight through without a break. For some reason the band look tired, not as happy as I observed at the other concerts. I think they are eager to get this tour over, and get back home to France. It's been a long haul for them!

The Playlist:

  1. Rhythmic - Nicolas
  2. Rumba Tec - Tonino
  3. Lleva Me - Nicolas
  4. Tristessa - Andre
  5. Un Amor - Nicolas
  6. Petite Noya - Nicolas
  7. Amigo - Canut
  8. Ami Mora - Patchai
  9. Djobi Djoba - Canut
  10. Camargue - Nicolas
  11. Tampa - Tonino
  12. Montana - Canut
  13. La Dona - Andre
  14. Poco a Poco - Patchai
  15. A Tiki Tiki - Canut
  16. Todos Todos Ole - Patchai
  17. Baila Me - Nicolas
  18. A Tu Vera - Canut

Volare - Nicolas

The band played a spectacular version of A Tu Vera with Great solo performances by Pacheco and Stephane on drums. It was Awesome! That song alone airlifted the audience into a standing position! It was Fabulous! Todos Todos Ole .....The audience is singing along with Nicolas Ah Tu Tu I... Tu Tu Tu I, and the Patchai doing his little dance on stage... Oh! The crowd came alive and went Wild on that song! That was absolutely wonderful, probably the Best version I heard of Todos Todos Ole in concert. Nicolas got a standing ovation for Un Amor. He sings with so much passion, and feeling. Sincere love! Oh Yeah! Camargue brought tears in Nicolas's eyes....I thought he was going to cry! He puts his heart and soul into each song. They are so talented, and truly gifted musicians!

Shouldn't I be at another Gipsy Kings concert tonight??

OK! Let's GO! ........ Follow that Bus!!

Stay Fabulous!!