U.S./World TOUR 2005

Los Angeles, CA - August 13

Hola Amigos!

It was a beautiful evening in Los Angeles!

The Best place to see The Gipsy Kings is at the LA Greek Theater! Superb acoustical sound! You can hear all their crisp, crystal clear chords on their guitars. My Mom and I enjoyed the music they played before the concert. Celia Cruz's Carnivale - anyone "out there" know the names and artists singing the other songs?? The music gets the audience ready for the concert, and LA was ready to Party!!

Definitely the Best Gipsy Kings concert I have seen this summer. The audience was up and dancing throughout the whole show. The band looked well rested, and smiling. The Gipsy Kings Fiesta has begun at the LA Greek Theater! Baila! Baila!

The illuminacity of the stage with the multicolored lights and fog created a circular spiral effect. An optical illusion that you are in "The Twilight Zone." It was pretty cool!

The crowd was unbelievable and in a party mood. The audience was singing along with the Gipsy Kings, clapping with Nicolas, cheering Tonino, dancing with Patchai... I was in Gipsy Kings heaven! It was a Blast! The band is with the people! The audience went crazy to Petite Noya! I looked behind me to see thousands of people dancing, and you can even feel the ground shakin' ! Even brought out a few skunks from the woods! Ewe! Eau de Skunk! LOL

Security was extremely tight and strict absolutely NO cameras, digital cameras, cellular camera phones. So, you can't take any pictures, and if you get caught it's Hasta La Bye Bye to you and your camera!! You can only dance at your seat, NO dancing in the aisles.... if you can't follow the rules security escorts you out of the show!

No If's, And's or But's about it, and it happened to a few people and out they went. Disruptive, human behavior!

Andre gave a fabulous rendition of La Dona and Tristessa! I can imagine him as the lead singer in the future. Canut sang A Tiki Tiki, and the audience is singing A Tiki Tiki Tiki.... it was Wild! So much FUN! Everyone is having a Great time!

Tonino mesmerizes the audience with his electrifying guitar playing performances on Rumba Tec, Tampa, Pharaon... The audience is hypnotized! He is something else! The Best Guitarist!

Nicolas's voice was wonderful! He sang a lot of the songs some more familiar to the audience than others. He looked Fabulous! He is such a sweetie! Thanked the audience for a giving him a standing ovation by blowing a BIG KISS to everyone! But, I was catching them all in my net!

The Gipsy Kings brought the House Down at the LA Greek Theater!

Have a wonderful time seeing the concerts. You're in for a real treat! I LOVE THE GIPSY KINGS!!!

Stay Fabulous!!