U.S./World TOUR 2005

Los Angeles, CA - August 14

I saw both shows at the Greek - August 13 and 14. The Saturday night show is a blur (too much wine), but I'll always remember the Sunday night performance. I took my wife and our 10 month old baby, K'ayum Nicolas. I wanted him to see the GK for his first concert! I mean, we DID name him after Nicolas. I scored one ticket in the pit, so I let my wife and baby sit there, while I sat on the terrace. The band was incredible, but the set was practically the same as last year's show. Mostly I was enjoying watching my son watch the show. I could see him clapping his hands and pointing at the guys in the band, and my wife later told me that he was saying "guitar...guitar." (One of the only words he knows.) As they were finishing the first set, Patchai (is that how you spell it?) gestured for my wife to come forward to the stage, he picked up lttle K'ayum, held him up and said "El es mi compa'" and Nicolas came over and gave him a kiss while the crowd roared. I was watching this on the big screen, and practically fell out of my seat. I remember shouting, "That's my baby! That's my baby!" Anyway, during intermission I met up with my wife, and as we were hanging out by the consessions (no wine for me that night), people walking by asked, "Is that the baby on the stage?" A truely memorable evening!

Your baby is absolutely darling. I sat 2 rows behind your wife and baby. The way Patchai held the baby and spoke in spanish, Nicolas kissed the baby and they all kind of gathered around was a very special moment during the concert. I also felt the warmth and sincerity of Canut's handshakes. I've attended the Gipsy Kings concerts for at least 7-8 years now. They've all been fabulous. This years seemed to be more personal and heartfelt.

Wow. That is the most amazing thing! I'm sitting here reading it and I've got tears in my eyes. This is one of the millions of reasons we LOVE the Gipsy Kings! They are amazing! That's a memory your family will always have and cherish, and your boy will be able to tell his kids this story... a wonderful story which will be told over and over again! Thank you for sharing it!