U.S./World TOUR 2005

Minneapolis, MN - August 25

Awesome night! Good flight, excellent company & the GK!!!

First & foremost..... I must get into a lab & CLONE Marty Harris!!!!!

What can I say? It was so good to see the guys again! At first they seemed a little tired. Andre almost yawned at one point [haa!] but they got cranking..... The set lists that have been circulating here are pretty much on point, but no Tristessa and instead Pena Penita-- [Patchai leading. At one point during Petite Noya, the lovely Minnesotan genteel audience who were quite pleased to sit nicely & enjoy the charming gypsies, were forced to get on their feet & rumba with US!!! Vic, Marie & I were the first ones up & promptly turned around & did the Patchai arm motion for every one to get the hell up!! So when Patchai saw our efforts, he helped us out and thanks to mob mentality, the State Theater was rocking soon thereafter. I'm just curious when my check will arrive...... haaaa! Speaking of Petite Noya, Diego was sorely missed & as was Pablo!! Oh well, sometimes you need a break.... ok that's it for me... it was a great night. that's all I'm saying.......

All-in-all it was a really great night & as always I wish everybody could be there to share it, because pictures & words can never convey the fun.....


I'm done... who's next?

Georgia covered the bases pretty well. The guys did look very tired, but performed extremely well. Nicolas' and Canut's voices were in top form. Nico's rendition of "Un Amor" was, we all agree, the best we've ever heard. But his performance on "Camargue" was outstanding - among the best pieces in the show. Hopefully, that song will show up on a future CD. And of course, Tonino did his usual stellar job of playing. "Todos Ole" took on an almost jazzy twist, as Patchai and Nicolas traded verses.

Overall, a terrific evening spent with great friends!


Vic, what would you like to add?

The theater was sold out. Even one of my students was there with her parents. My hubby gallantly gave his front row seat to Georgia and he took her balcony spot. Ah...what a nice guy.

Our front row seats were so close, it was great to have a lot of eye contact with the boys. Nicolas looked our way often during "Un Amor", and as Marie said, it was a beautiful rendition. Got lots of smiles from Tonino. At the very beginning you could tell they were very tired. Someone yelled out "Bamboleo a few seconds into the first song. During "Baila Me" Andre's teenage daughter and Nicolas' daughter (8-10 yrs) danced. It was so sweet. They can bring them on stage any day.

Well, it was great, too brief and I'm already waiting until next summer.