U.S./World TOUR 2005

San Antonio, Texas - June 10
Austin, Texas - June 11

Well, it is almost 3am and I am still on a great high from the past two nights so thought I would write a bit about these two shows. The Kings were all in great form. Yes, Karen, Pablo does have dyed black hair, looking pretty fit also. Patchai was not there, we found out the next night that he went back to France, but we were never able to really understand why. Language barrier:( But he is not there. Anyway, they all seemed to be very upbeat and had a great time onstage. Tonino was really at the best I have ever seen him, just tremendous. Diego and Pablo and Andre really got the crowd up and dancing on most of the songs and that is an accomplishment for the San Antonio crowd, they usually just sit on their boring butts. But they had the crowd going. I did not recognize one of the instrumentals early in the show and then Canut sang a song I did not recognize. I remember hearing Quiero Saber, Montaqa, Un Amor, Baila Me, Salsa de Noche, with nice solos by each of the band members and Pacheco was awesome as always. They also played Lleva Compas, Amor Gitano, Djobi Djoba, Petite Noya, Rhytmic, hmm, that is all I remember right now. Volare was the encore and on Saturday night it was Bamboleo. Nicolas sounded awesome! The best I have heard him sound in awhile. Canut and Andre did a lot of singing but Nicolas was always joining in and sang quite a few of the songs and did not seem to be struggling at all. Saturday was at the Bass Concert Hall and like the one in Ft. Worth, it is more of a sit on your ass kind of place. The guys did get the crowd up somewhat but it wasn't like San Antonio. Usually Austin is the party site but that was when it was at the Backyard, outdoors, no chairs, every one is up at the stage, dancing like wild. But this was a bit more subdued but I guess that was the compromise to have air conditioning, which was nice. Charlie Sexton, a great Austin musician, came out and played guitar with them on Bamboleo, I am assuming he met them when they played at the Alamo last month because his band, the ArcAngels, also played that show. He was doing all the fancy strumming, too, held his own. I brought my Roots book that I won off the website and decided to get a few autographs inside it by pictures of them, my all time favorite is the one of Nicolas and Canut as teenagers playing together and I got them both to sign that page. Nicolas sat and looked at the book for a very long time, studying each picture, almost like he had never really looked at it. He would look at a picture sometimes for 5 minutes or more and was telling us who certain people were. Canut was up to some practical jokes in the bar. They seemed relaxed and having a good time, all of them, so, so far the grueling schedule doesn't seem to be getting to them too much. So for those of you with shows coming up, other than the absence right now of Patchai, get those dancing shoes on because they are putting on some great performances! ENJOY!!!!