U.S./World TOUR 2005

San Diego, CA - August 18

My wife and I made it to the concert at Viejas Casino in San Diego 8/18/2005. Since they are playing two nights in a row this was the first concert.

It's funny. I always try to remember the entire playlist, but always get caught up in the music that I forget to keep track. Anyway - I thought they sounded great. Nicolas, Andre, Canut, and Patchai all sang songs and seemed to be sharing the vocal duties. From left to right was Andre, Patchai, Nicolas, Tonino, Paco, and Canut. Missing from the lineup was Paul and Diego.

The playlist was similar to last years. It started with Rythmic. Then an instrumental by Tonino. They played Tristessa, La dona, Un Amour, and Montana. That was pretty cool because I haven't heard those songs in concert for quite a while. Andre sang Tristessa and La Dona. There was another song I hadn't heard before. Canut sang it in the second set "tiki tiki tiki tiki" ?? sang by Canut. It was pretty cool. No dancers from the audience made it on stage tonight.

THey were smiling and joking around on stage alot tonight. The encore was Volare. And some lady threw her bra on stage after that.

There were many more songs, and it seemed that the sets were really long.

And that's all I remember. It was a great concert!