U.S./World TOUR 2005

Tucson, AZ - August 17

The Tucson show was splendid!! No Pablo, no Diego, but everyone else was there and in top form. The weather wasn't nearly as awful as I had expected, in that it was only moderately hot and humid, and the venue that I've always hated seemed less oppressive this year.

Our seats were second row in front of Andre.

The acoustics were probably great, altho we were seated in front of a bank of speakers so it got really loud toward the end of the show.


  1. unidentified instrumental
  2. Llevame Compas
  3. Tristessa - Andre on lead
  4. Un Amor
  5. Petite Noya - Patchai and Andre on lead
  6. Vente Conmigo (is this the name of the song?) - Canut
  7. Pharaon
  8. Que Baila Vivo - a song from Patchai that I didn't recognize
  9. Djobi Djoba - Canut


  10. Fandango - Nicolas' song from Roots
  11. unknown instrumental
  12. Montana
  13. La Dona - Andre on lead - This version TOTALLY ROCKED!!
  14. Quiero Saber - Nicolas
  15. Poquito a Poco
  16. The Tiki Tiki song - Canut
  17. Todos Ole
  18. Bailame
  19. encore - Bamboleo

Bummer - I will never hear them do Caminando por la Calle live :((

Pacheco just a disappointingly short solo that really didn't do him justice. As always, I miss Negrito, Dominique and Gerard.

So all in all, it was a delightful evening.

Baila on and enjoy all your shows!!!!


An extremely rare occurrence of only 6 band members. The only other time I remember seeing that was on the old "Live at Royal Albert Hall" video when Canut wasn't there. I've always assumed he was sick or something that day. The lack of a 7th member did nothing to diminish this great show!

Pharaon - What a treat!! It's always been a personal favorite. BTW, it's spelled Pharaon.

Quiero Saber - Another personal favorite in concert. I will have to admit, though, that it had more "punch" with the old backup band. The present one is very good, but they're no Dominique, Negrito and Gerard. Those guys really understood the spirit of the music.

As Lauren said, it was a thoroughly enjoyable show! The venue seems to have relaxed considerably since last year, which helped a lot. It's harder to enjoy the show after waiting in a long line, clear across the parking lot, just to go through metal detectors and the Spanish Inquisition (NO one expects the Spanish Inquisition!) just to get in the place.