U.S./World TOUR 2005

Vienna, VA - May 31, June 1
Wolf Trap

I flew out to see the Gipsy Kings at Wolftrap for two concerts. What can I say....... It was Wonderful to see them again!! We love them!!

Nicolas looked Fabulous and sounded Great!! His voice was strong, and puts his heart & soul into each song. He sings with so much passion, love and feeling. Nicolas sang along with his brothers throughout the entire concert. Whenever Canut or Patchai would sing at the front of the stage, Nicolas would stand at their positions.

Patchai is certainly the entertainer of the band. He gets all the women crazy for him!! Oh! Yeah! Patchai motioned with his arms for the audience to get up & dance. I turned around and saw a sea of people dancing and partying. Baila! Baila! The fiesta has begun!

Tonino was absolutely smokin' on his guitar, and turned it up a notch with an electrifying guitar playing performance. The audience gave him many standing ovations!

Each concert gets better & better... These are the Best Years of Their Lives!!

Well...2 concerts down and 4 more to go! Shouldn't I be at a Gipsy Kings concert tonight???!!


I agree with Lydia's comments on the shows at WT. They were fabulous. Nicolas finally sang lead and did a great job. They added a few songs for Nicolas (Llevame el compas, Un Amor, etc). Nicolas does this amazing, very fun background vocal during Todos Ole. It has come to be my favorite part of the show. It just puts a huge smile on my face when I hear it. Listen up for it when you go to the shows. Hopefully he will continue to do this throughout the tour.