U.S./World TOUR 2006

Los Angeles, Califormia - July 22
The Gipsy Kings play in Rain Forest! Oops! I meant HOT & MUGGY LA!!

The weather couldn't of been more hot & humid. Global warming must of set in! My dress was clinging to me & the sweat was pouring off my face. It was unbearable! The weather really changed in Southern CA from the time I lived there in 1985-1991. I don't remember it being so humid. A Monsoon!!

What can I say? Darling! It was simply marvelous! The acoustical sound quality at The Greek is second to none! You can hear all the guitar strings with crystal clear sound! It's was Awesome & the LA audience was ready to rock! Indeed they did!

I must say this years selection of pre-concert music was quite unusual from listening to a tango, soft contemporary tunes to a drum beating for an Indian Rain Dance?! LOL

I jotted down a few of the songs on my ticket ...

La Tounga
Rumba Tec
La Vita de Gipsy
Assame L'Amour
Petite Noya
Un Amor
Chan Chan
Donde Esta Mi Amor
Djobi Djoba
Sol y Luna
La Dona
Si Tu Me Quieres
Todos Todos Ole
Baila Me

Patchai waves to the audience to get up and dance to Petite Noya, and the ground is already shaking with everybody dancing. Oh! It was so much Fun!

The guy next to me loved the new bass player & said that he must of taught Physics or Chemistry at CALTECH??!! Nicolas was laughing when he was playing on his bass guitar during a solo. It was sad not to see Javier, Diego & Pablo! A Sniff!!

The Gipsy Kings played alot of new songs from there upcoming CD Pasajero. We are all in for a real treat! Nicolas sang a new song La Vita de Gipsy that was a crowd favorite. His voice was strong & clear. Sound was EXCELLENT!

Canut sang Chan Chan, and it was fabulous! It reminded me of a song from the Buena Vista Social Club? Similar to, Highly Stylized... It's nice to see Andre, Patchai, Canut, Nicolas take turns over lead vocals.

Tonino was simply superb! EL Maestro! His gifted technique in playing a guitar is spectacular! So fast, fluid, smooth.... It's Unbelievable!

Nicolas dedicated the song Camague to his father, and the crowd clapped along as Nicolas sang. Un Amor was terrific with the audience singing along.

It was so wonderful to see them all again! I love them!

Viva La Gipsy Kings!

Have a Happy!