U.S./World TOUR 2006

Livermore, California - July 19
We went to the venue very early thinking to have some time with friends. While waiting for Gourmet to meet us (mom and me), I turned and I saw Nicholas near the winery gift shop, I almost fainted... I never met him before (was the only GK I didn't meet previously). I was thrilled, shocked and soooo happy that I still feel in the clouds. He is a very nice person. He said the CD should come out on September, Paul stayed home so did Diego. They have new band members.... He said the songs in the concert are all new and they will be on the CD. The concert was good... except that I did not like the venue... too small and the sound was bad. Very few people danced.. there was no room because it was restaurant/dinner sitting. I do not have the names of the songs, I remember Pasajero. Tonino has one instrumental that is very good.. Anyway,, I think the new CD will be awesome... although I still miss the original band with Negrito and Dominique... Now I have to wait for 12 months (maybe...) to see them again... too bad.