U.S./World TOUR 2006

Wolf Trap - Vienna, Virginia - July 9
It was a lovely night--not too humid, a nice breeze. Quite a few people were outside the gate asking if anyone had extra tickets to sell. I was surprised, until someone reminded me that the GK normally play Wolf Trap two nights, and MOST people don't buy tickets for both nights ;=), so of course the single show was sold out!

Pablo wasn't there; Patchai I almost didn't recognize from where I was sitting (his hair is cut short). They played a LOT of new songs, split singing duties among the four Reyes. I did like that there were so many new songs, but it meant that the old ones were the standard crowd pleasers we've heard a zillion times (Unless there's something I missed).


Here are some thoughts and observations on the show on July 9.

As Susan said, it was a nice night in Virginia.

We sat in the pit, row 3. Awesome seats. I think for the first time in history, the GK started a Wolf Trap show on time. When the recorded music was cut off at 8 p.m., I thought maybe there was a power outage. Then the backup musicians came out and began playing. No more Xavier (bass) and the other keyboard player they had. Now it is a guy who looks like he could teach astrophysics at the local university playing bass and someone who probably played an extra in the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie on keyboards (Ahoy, mate!). A little bird told me that Xavier and the keyboard player were fired sometime last year. It is too bad because I thought Xavier was hands down the best bass player they've ever had playing with them.

No Diego or Pablo this year. Patchai cut his hair real short. He looks more like a gang banger from L.A. than a gypsy. He wore a very classy strip joint t-shirt for the second set. He must have gotten it on customer appreciation night.

I think they played at least 5 new songs, if not more. I liked what I heard. The new CD should be awesome. I had the privilege to hear the final mix of the new CD. Of course, as always, there is no set date on when it will hit the streets, but estimates are that it will be within six months or so and will probably be called "Pasajero" which means passenger (as in "Passenger of love", one of the new songs...the cheese factor is quite high on that tune!!!).

Given the fact that France lost the world cup just a few hours earlier, the guys seemed to be in a good mood. I was hoping they wouldn't be too bummed out and they didn't seem to be. The energy level was great and I was glad to see a concert where they weren't pooped out to the max. WT is usually the last show they play on tour, so it was refreshing to see them in the early stage of the tour. For the most part, the people around us were having a great time. Except for two total losers in front of us. How can you be sitting on the second row, everyone around you is up and dancing, and you are just sitting there like you are in church listening to a sermon??? LOSERS!!!!!!

For those of you that will catch them later on, you will undoubtedly enjoy yourselves. Shake a little romp for me!


Ok, Efren pretty much summed it up! Yeayyyy! and new songs galore! it'll be interesting the studio versions, since there was a little stumbling on one in particular...

Paco rules.... and looking very slim & trim! Tonino has lost a little too! Canut always makes me laugh. Really miss Xavier... keyboard guy was gone too. :( the new guys are pretty good -- the new bass player basically looked like what he did could never come out of him, but was putting that bass to work! in fact he had 2 of them- a slim standing one & the normal over the neck kind. He almost didn't seem suited for the GK, but maybe when they get to know each other better & he understands that 'gipsy-thing they do', hopefully it'll be a better fit- he's not Gerard, not Xavier, but he's very good.

The lineup was: Andre, Patchai, Nicolas, Tonino, Paco & Canut~ c'est tout


The WT crowd was great and Marie and I are glad to have finally seen them there. The guys looked happier than I have seen them recently. All were in good voice and Tonino was certainly not phoning in from Montpelier. Here are some of the old tunes they covered:

  • Todos Ole
  • Baila Me
  • Sabroso (jam song)
  • Tampa
  • La Dona
  • Dojbi Djoba
  • Petit Noya
  • Un Amor
  • Bamboleo (encore)
  • Rumba Tec

New tunes we know:

  • Pasajero
  • Chan Chan (Cuban song covered by Buena Vista Social Club and we think it's the "rap" song Rob was talking about. It was the way he sang it that might make someone think it sounded like a rap, but didn't really to these American ears.)
  • Two by Tonino that really rocked.
  • A new slow one by Canut
  • and more new tunes...

Victoria & Marie

Another day, another fabulous night with the Gipsy Kings!!!!

Tonight’s concert confirms my impressions of last night in Boston: This year, the energy level is very high, the Kings look serene and refreshed, and they have plenty of new notes to hit!!!! The venue (my first year at Wolftrap) is stunning so good job to the organizers for keeping it so spotless and magnificent. The crowd was more spontaneous than we Chowderheads seem to be in Boston, I must confess. Within the first few songs, dancers started popping up left and right, soon to be joined by the entire crowd. The Kings looked radiant, happy to be there! The concert lasted longer than the Boston gig. Among the highlights of the night, Andre did a fabulous solo, which blew my flip flops off because I never knew he had that star quality in him and boy does he ever!!!!! We should hear a lot more of him singing in the future!!!! Nicholas was as solid as ever, we did miss Paul’s back vocals and Diego’s solid guitar but we were very much entertained by the performers who were present. Patchai (aka “Buzz”) had a lot of fun planning a wardrobe that perfectly coordinated with the lighting on a few occasions. That yellow/purple shirt was fantastic, lol! A few new instrumentals, some I really enjoyed, one I thought was ok (but maybe deserves to be heard without all that keyboard drowning it a bit). A few new mid-tempo songs sound very promising and will be featured in the new album. An adorable little girl dressed in red appeared on stage to charm the crowd with her gracious dancing (Djobi Djoba?) and the band seemed tickled pink by it (as the audience was), Canut looked spectacular in white, and that pretty much sums up the night!!!!

Looking forward to the new album and more touring in 2007.

Andale, andale!!!


Okay Gang
Here it goes..
My take on the whole WOLF TRAP extravaganza!!

It truly was an amazing show.... The new music that these guys are putting out is phenomenal.... It just proves that they still have it..... The line up was, like every one else has said.. The only disappointing thing.. NO PABLO!! Yes the GK were on fire and but when Pablo's smile is missing from the stage... hmmm Well, maybe next time..

Tonino never ceases to amaze me... He plays the hell out of the guitar yet he always looks like he's somewhere else.... And I always sit there and wonder where is that sound coming from.... He is an exceptionally gifted guitarist... Nicolas... Hey what can I say that hasn't been said about this Gitano... His voice was pure gold.... He shared the singing duties with the other three but his voice has never sounded better... I fell in love with the new music that he sang... ( do not ask me what the song was all I know was it took my breath away). Andre got his digs in there.... The only problem I actually had with Andre, and it really wasn't him, it was the sound engineer.. I had a hard time hearing Andre's voice.... What I did hear I loved... He's got the same infectious grin that his older brother has. It simply lights up the stage.... Patchai as always Senor Show Biz... He seemed just a little subdued this time around, however, well, honestly that didn't last too long when he sang "Todos Ole" that took care of that... I usually don't comment on hair or what they are wearing but okay what was up with Patchai's hair??? BUZZ BUZZ!! Well, I saved Canut for last... As always Canut is Canut... Really do I need to say more about him? He marches to the beat of his own drummer... He's one of the most gifted poets and musicians in the world... When he put his guitar down and sang two of the new songs I was breathless.. Canut has the ability to capture your heart and soul with a single song..

All in all it was a fabulous concert. I finally got to meet a very dear friend of mine, who I had been talking to for almost 18 months.. And some wonderful "Locas" from all over the country.. I always say this. These guys are a remarkable group of people.. They set the world's soul into a frenzied dance... That's my take on it gang...


Sunday, July 9th at Wolf Trap!!! Oh, what a nite!!!

7 Gitanas from all over the US got together,( well NY, NH, LA and the country of Texas, Texas is a whole country, right??..LOL..) and had a FANTASTIC TIME!!! Let's see.. Mel, Helen, Amy, Alexa, Liz, Marie and Fran, (myself)...It was a sold out concert, we were told..OUR BOYS were just great!!..especially after France lost to Italy...( Boooo)..but the sound could have been better, in my opinion!!. Their voices clear and strong..( but again the sound was trying to drown them!!! ).. Two sets, at least 10 songs in each..I noticed that Canut, Patchai and Andre sang more songs than usual!!..Good for them!! They should sing more. At least half of the songs were NEW, and hopefully will be in their new CD, coming out in Fall, we were told.. At least two songs have a different kind of rhythm, ( no expert here, but sounded like a mix of cumbia/rumba type of swing). I don't remember ANY of the new songs being blah songs!!

They played "Sabroso", which is in one of Tonino's CD's and one of my favourites. The audience was dancing and singing, young and old!!!... No one on the stage, though. Canut sang Djobi, Djoba and this adorable girl dressed in red, of course, (about 7 or 8 yrs old) danced flamenco on stage, beautifully, and as a reward she got a kiss from Patchai..Aawwwwhhh....

They were dressed pretty casual, jeans, knit tops, dark shirts, except guess who?? Mr. Canut himself, was wearing white slacks, a lavender shirt during the first set and changed to a white one with black designs during the 2nd set..white loose..which he whipped from side to side occasionally..

Paco was touring this year. A real sweetie.. Paul and Diego not with them this year. Paco told me they were resting.. Maybe in 2007...They were all very relaxed backstage and mingling with fans like good old friends..

I don't like Patchai's haircut, but his voice sounded more clear, maybe it's the haircut!! LOL...Andre sounded great, too.. especially on those new songs....

The encore song was of course, Bamboleo.. and the crowd went WILD!!!

OH, WHAT A NIGHT!!!!.........fran