World TOUR 2007

Atlantic City, New Jersey - February 17
To sum up the evening in one word... UNFRIGGENBELIEVABLE!!.

I have never heard the guys sound better... The Venue it's self was a little strange.. I always find odd when they hold concerts in massive hotel ballrooms. To me it's like being in a high school gym for a pep rally.. I have to give a little shout out to their sound guy. Don't know who he is or where he is from, but this time no dropped mikes, no popping sounds and all the guitars could actually be heard. They started about 20 minutes late. Eh I figured it was in a casino they have to wait for all of the slot jockeys to cash out. They Guys played one set for almost two hours.. The set list was pretty much the same as what others have written about. There were a couple of omissions and additions. I'll comment on those in a bit.

As for the crowd, it took them a while to warm up. It took some "cheer leading" on Pablo's part to get the crowd of geriatric nickel slot players up and moving. The night, however, was filled with some truly magical moments.. First of all having Pablo back on stage was a real treat. Seeing that huge smile.... ALE!! Having him on the other side with Canut was a good choice. It made for a richer vocal sound. When I asked him why he was on the other side of the stage, he told me that he could actually hear better on that side and when he hears better he can actually be heard.


Vocally the four Reyes brothers were spot on. I have never heard them sound better. Their harmonies were tight and so beautiful. Nicolas' voice has never sounded better. It was out of this world. In one particularly sweet moment. The entire band left the stage leaving just Andre and Nicolas on the stage with their guitars singing "Como Siento Yo" ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT. Listening to the music in it's purest form, just their voices and their guitars brought tears to my eyes. Some other highlights, for me, were Canut's Sol y Luna.. BRILLIANT! Canut's voice was amazing. And well, I have a real soft spot for that song.. The big Tonino of the night had to have been "Sabroso". As usual the back up band got their turn to shine and they did not disappoint. But the big moment came when it came time for Pacheco (GOD OF ALL PERCUSSION) to step up and take his turn. It actually became an all out duel between Pacheco and Tonino. Each one trying to out do the other. Each one playing faster and faster... Until finally they couldn't go on... When they finished both were hysterical laughing and shaking the smoke from their fingers.. And I needed a cigarette..

The whole concert was filled with great moments.. Musically they were on...

These guys still have it. They manage to light the world up with their music. There is nothing like seeing they play live. All of you know why they are so special, I don't have to sit here and tell you that. We wouldn't be here doing what we do if we didn't all feel the same way about them. I always say this. It truly is a blessing to hear these guys play.

All right that's it from Atlantic City.


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