World TOUR 2007

Chicago, Illinois - February 14-15
Chicago was great! Cold, but great. The HOB was a nice departure from the usual venues. It was a smaller audience on Valentine's Day, the first night. The song sets were the same both nights. I think we remembered all the songs they played. The Thurs. night crowd was much larger because tickets for this show were posted in advance of the Valentine's Day performance. We got into the venue early (a perk if you eat the the HOB restaurant). Since the general admission tickets were for the main floor (standing room only) it was a bit crowded, not a lot of room to move your feet; but the crowd was really in a great mood. It was nice to see Pablo there. He was enjoying himself and looked happy to be there. Alain, the keyboard player, brings a nice energy, always smiling and having a good time. We didn't get to visit with Pacheco the first night, but did see him backstage the second night.

No Pascal....David introduced them both nights and it appears that he has a new position in management.

Here's the song list. First song and finale songs are definite, I don't remember the exact order of the others.

  • La Tounga
  • Pasajero (Andre singing lead)
  • Camargue (nice duet with only Andre and Nicolas on stage, heartfelt intro by Nico saying how much he enjoys singing this song)
  • Tampa (Tonino)
  • Petite Noya (everybody sang)
  • Un Amor (dedicated by Nico to all the ladies. They threw out roses into the audience. Pablo tried to get one to Georgia but missed)
  • Djobi Djoba
  • La Dona (Andre singing lead)
  • Guaranga (Tonino)
  • Rumba Caliente (from Tonino's solo CD)
  • Pueblo (Canut)
  • Sol y Luna (Canut)
  • Amor (Andre lead)
  • Cafe (Canut)
  • Volare
  • Rumba Tech (Tonino)
  • Si Tu Me Quieres
  • Encore was Baila Me and of course....drum roll...Bamboleo

There might be one we missed, not sure. No "Chan Chan" this time. As always, Tonino was amazing and entire group looked more relaxed and it was obvious that they were having fun. Canut did a little dancing and responded to the audience more than I have seen him in the recent past. No disrespect to Patchai or Paco or Diego, but Andre, Nicolas, Tonino, Canut and Pablo rocked the house just fine. I don't think the casual fans in attendance noticed that there were fewer Kings on stage.

Whew...can't wait until the summer tour!