World TOUR 2007

Ostrava, Czech Republic - July 14

I have just returned from the lastest concert of GIPSY  KINGS, which had taken place in the Czech Republic during a music festival "Colours of Ostrava" and I can´t resist to share such a wonderful experience :)

We were having five Gipsy Kings here … Pablo, André, Nico, Tonino y Diego :) … and even thought they were great I was missing a bit Canut and his gorgeous voice … and also Patchaï with his "Poquito a poco". Between backup instruments was keyboard missing, which was a little bit strange.
There was also no Pascal to welcome us with his typical sentence this time:(

Anyway, I saw some of their performance before and I have to say that this one I liked THE  BEST !!! They were fantastic, incredible and … AMAZING !!! Also the atmosphere there in the open-air show was quite different from theatre concerts.
I know GIPSY KINGS like the stage (as they always say so :-) but this time you could see in their faces they really enjoyed every single moment playing for us! All of them looked in very good mood, Pablo and André danced, both were wildly smiling to everybody as always and André apparently from pure joy added into the middle of some songs some kind of "struming work " from time to time. Diego seemed tired a little at the beggining of the show but soon his tiredness slip off him:) and he joined his cousins with a smile.

During the first half they played mostly songs from "Pasajero" with several instrumental ones in between. This time they also included in many of their most famous hits like Volare, Djobi djoba, Baila Me or Bamboleo …more then they usually play in concerts …
An astonishing moment came when they started to play a song I have never heard before. I was very pleased and suprised at the same time … and what was even more suprising to me was the fact that it was PABLO who started to sing this new song !!! I don´t know the name of the song but it remainded me of one old song of their father, José Reyes. If I´m not very much mistaken, it was "Fou! Tu me rends fou!"… but the lyrics was completely changed … and unfortunately, I couldn´t understand much.
Another great experience was to listen to Nicolas when he sang along with André "Como siento yo" … what a touching song!

There is a playlist … there might be one or two songs missing I´m not sure:

· La tounga - Nico
· instrumental song (I didn´t recognized it)
· Djobi djoba - Nico
· Lleva Me El Compas
· Petite Noya - Nico
· Guaranga
· Amor - André
· Allegria
· Si tu me quieres - Nico
· La Dona - André
· new song - Pablo, Nico
· Pasajero - André
· Como siento yo - Nico, André
· Sabroso … with fantastic solos of Stephane, Bernard and Pacheco
· Volare
· Baila Me
· Bamboleo (encore)

Despite of some technical problems … first Diego´s guitar wasn´t heard, in a little while Tonino´s and the same happened one by one  to the others … it was awesome show!!!
I hope to see them all again very soon :)


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