World TOUR 2007

Dallas, Texas - February 5
First off, the performance was in the Meyerson Symphony Center, one of the most beautiful formal venues you can imagine. There are no bad seats. Jacque and I got our tickets late, so we ended up in the top row at the back of the auditorium, but we had a full view of the stage, and the acoustics at the Meyerson are world-class.

The line up was Andre, Nicolas, Tonino, and Canut. Yup, only 4 kings. A good poker hand, but a disappointing concert line up when you are expecting a wall of acoustic guitars. They played a lot of music from Pasajero, which was well received even though few had heard the music before. They led with "Amor" if I remember correctly. They sounded great, but my impression was one of something lacking, as if a speaker on your headphone went out. The harmonies were thin, and it seemed as if the mid-tones were missing. Of course, those of us who have seen them in concert so many times know what we expect to hear!

The concert only lasted an hour and a half. No intermission. No souvenirs were sold, either. I don't know if this was because the Meyerson has its own store, or they just didn't bring anything to hawk. Jacque and I got in a conversation with one of the store employees who was trying to sell us on the GK CDs they had there. She asked us if we had ever heard of Manitas de Plata. She didn't know about the connection between him and the GK! :)

Anyway, it was not the best GK concert I have attended, but I did enjoy hearing the Pasajero songs live. They also featured a great bass player who I did not recognize in one number. Pacheco was featured a few times as well. He was his usual spectacular self! I don't know if the other members will show up for future shows, but I hope someone finds out what was going on.

Rumba on, primos!

Karen in Dallas