World TOUR 2007

Las Vegas, Nevada - August 30
The new venue at the Palms is pretty nice... good expansive gen. admin. area right next to the stage then assigned chairs on risers behind/ also box seats up & off to the side. I'll let the others do a full review, but I just wanted to remark about Stefan during this show. He's normally mellow and just sort of blends into the background, but Thursday night this man's drumsticks were ON FIRE -- especially during his solo on Sobroso! oh mai... he does a decent job normally- nothing super impressive, but that night he came alive. Really saw him in a different light...

Canut did Montana, and had difficulty with this voice [he later mentioned that the smoke machine was messing with it] but they quickly reworked & stepped up the harmonies/ he took the lower notes and Nico & Andre blended higher-- you could tell they just fell into it right then & there seamlessly - brilliant save & the new reassignments sounded almost ethereal... those lai-los were the best I've ever heard.


The Gipsy Kings played another Sensational Show at the new Pearl Theater at the Palms Hotel & Casino. The venue is new, only a year old, a new addition to the casino. The concert was absolutely Awesome. The boys looked happy & were in a good mood. Nicolas sang his heart out on Un Amor, and Patchai motions the audience to give Nicolas a round of applause. Bravo! Indeed. Canut lost his voice on Montana, and Andre & Nicolas quickly came to the rescue & finished the song. Great solos by the backup band. The Gipsy Kings were certainly on fire & it was fabulous to see the audience dancing. Everyone was having a wonderful time.


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