World TOUR 2007

Nice, France - July 21
It was at a nice venue a bit outside of Nice (they had free shuttle busses going there). There were a total of 3 different stages with different bands playing at the same time.

The first band that played at our stage was a band from Barcelona called El Bicho. I've never heard of them before but the music was great. It was something like Flamenco meets Heavy Metal. The singer was a real acrobat and made saltos backwards and forwards.... Good artists.

Second artist was Diego El Cigala (didn't know him either). He was great. Totally different from first band. It was more like Flamenco meets Jazz. He had a great piano player. Even our GK's came out to check him out and he seemed to have impressed Nicolas.

Then, finally, the GK got on stage. Great concert as always. They played a lot of songs from Pasajero as well as Montaqa, Volare and Bamboleo. Line up was Pablo, Andri, Nicolas, Tonino, Patchai, Diego and Canut. They had their families with them (even Tonino brought his wife, Michael, Cozzo and his two grand daughters - Michael's daughters). Michael's two little girls danced on stage as did Nicolas' daughter. It was a blast. Saw their back up band for the first time live. They're really good and IMO fit well into the band (great musicians!). The concert went until about midnight. We then left the venue with everybody else and had a very short night as I had to get up at 5.30 to catch my flight back home.