World TOUR 2007

New York, New York - February 24
Radio City Music Hall
As with previous shows the Guys did not disappoint.

Okay first of all they played to a SOLD OUT house!!! VIVA LOS GITANOS!!! For Radio City, that says a whole lot.. The crowd was amazing. I remember thinking to myself, as I looked back at the packed house.. WOW!! Not bad for a little group of Gitanos from the South of France..

The show started the usual 20 minutes late. Eh New York time.. We are used to it here.. It's just a given.. They played two hour long sets and the set list was pretty much the same as it has been throughout the whole tour. It was a good mix of their old and new songs.

Throughout the show there were some truly incredible moments. For me, the one that particularly stood out was Canut's "Montana". Okay I know it's "Montana" and that song gets sung to death. but the arrangement that they are using for this song is amazing. The most amazing part of the sound had to have been when the remaining Reyes brothers stepped up and sang the final chorus with Canut. And Nicolas adding this wonderful little "dee dai do dee" to the end.. Yeah I know we have all heard this song a million times but there is something so very sweet about it.

As I have said before, they were all spot on and the whole night was phenomenal. Tonino did not disappoint and he will never cease to amaze the hell out of me. Again, he and Pacheco (GOD OF ALL PERCUSSION) dueled it out.. This time there was a crowd there who finally appreciated what was happening.. Needless to say when all was said and done, after the song, 3000 plus people all needed cigarettes! The show was simply AMAZING.. Between Tonino and the back up guys during "Sabroso. The amazingly beautiful duet between Andre and Nicolas singing "Como Siento Yo". Both "Sol y Luna" and "Montana" sung only the way Canut can sing them. You all know what I am talking about. The way that Canut pulls at your heart with every note that he sings.. And finally that magnificent smile that lights up the entire venue that beams from Pablo's face. It was truly a remarkable evening and I never get tired of hearing these guys make music.

The night ended with the obligatory "Volare" into the "Baila me" "Bambloleo" Encore, but to see a sold out Radio City on their feet dancing and singing their brains out was out of this world! I have always said this it is a blessing to see and hear these guys play.

This little group of Gipsies, from the South of France, have managed to capture the hearts of the world. And they have set it's soul into and eternal dance..

That's it from NY..