World TOUR 2007

Reno, Nevada - August 26
The Gipsy Kings concert was at the Sierra Resort in Reno (aka Reno Hilton), the venue is very nice, stage is great but sound is bad, and the Kings didn't like it... I think. I would say 80% was sitting with tables... Only the first five rows had chairs (tied to each other) so... dancing was an ordeal...specially if the neighbor doesn't do it... The Concert lasted only 1:15, maybe 1:30, only one set... and that was it. Sorry.. I am bad at play list. Lineup same as usual: no Paul, no Paco. No Pascal but David instead. Nicolas' voice was bad and he let his brothers do the lead singing. The best piece: Sabroso... Tonino was excellent as well as Pacheco and all the band... it was fantastic. I talked to Rodolfo a little bit, he said all were very tired, it was a long exhausting month for them. I talked to Nicolas... he told me his voice was fine until the afternoon and he was upset because his voice for the concert was bad and he couldn't understand why. I mentioned the air conditioning that was full power everywhere (temperature was around 95 maybe more) and also the altitude that may cause some impact while singing (my personal opinion that may be wrong).