World TOUR 2007

San Francisco, California - May 18
The concert at the Masonic Center in San Fransico was awesome... The sound was not good, the first part was slow and then they rocked like in the good times.

No Pascal............ David did the presentation. No Patchai and no Diego.

Paul with dark hair. Tonino, Andre and Canut in very good shape. Paco has lost some weight and looks excellent. Nicholas had a little bit of trouble with his voice and he apologized for it. I do not have the name of the songs but they are from Pasajero and Roots.

They did Volare, Bamboleo, Djobi, Djoba and 2-3 more of the old ones. The was a girl that went up the stage and danced... she did a very good job and the audience loved it.... after her.. more girls tried to climb up... but they were brought down. Finally a lot of payas got up the stage and danced the last two songs. There was not enough security... and the few guys couldn't control the women, so the backstage people came out to "protect" our boys, this was at the end of the show.

I liked the band.... of course Pacheco was the best, I did not like the guy in the drums... but the guys at the keyboards, bass were very good... on my un-educated opinion.

I danced, sung and enjoyed a lot... too much I would say. Really, really a great concert (besides the sound that was not their fault).


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