World TOUR 2007

Vienna, Virginia - Wolf Trap - August 10
It was a hot, muggy night but the band did their best to help us enjoy the occasional breeze that passed by. In attendance: Andre, Patchai, Nicolas, Tonino, Paco, Canut, Pacheco, Bernard, Alain, and Stefan. The first set started with some horrible sound problems and later we learned that they didn't have time for a sound check. It was adjusted somewhat but still seemed unbalanced throughout the show. The song list was pretty much the same as this winter with perhaps a few changes. Andre readily stepped into Pablo's shoes with some banter and encouragement for the audience. Tonino's "Tampa" the highlight of the show for me. Outstanding, he was having fun. There's a young local girl who every year flies up onto the stage and dances. She was wearing her red dress again.


As far as the show went, Tampa seriously cranked - I love that song so much -- it's my new Recuerdo Apasianado! Pity the sound was ridiculous... sound guys must have had their asses kicked up & down after the first set...oh! another very cool surprise tho was Nico leading on Djobi Djoba! it's been a while since he's done that! very nice.... high notes nailed!

Yep, all was as said by the others. Not the tightest show I've ever see but great to see them anyway. :) The little dancer in red is always a joy!!! 2nd row center is a nice place to see the show. :)

Wolftrap is such a great place to hear them (normally, though the monitor mix just sucked bigtime first set and lots of low end buzz and feedback, better 2nd set).


I think everyone that wrote their observations was dead on. The night was really hot and muggy.

The sound was horrible, and that's being kind. The feedback was really bad for the first 2-3 songs. After that, they got it under control but it wasn't the great sound you usually get from Wolftrap.

Overall it was a great show despite of the sound issues. It was really good to see the band early in the tour and not towards the end when everyone's voice is shot and they're just tired of playing.