World TOUR 2008

Clearwater, Florida - March 4
I saw my first Gipsy Kings concert in Clearwater, FL this week. It was a great experience. I don't know why I've waited so long to see them. It was a lot of fun. I think we were all wanting to jump up and dance but did so only on 4 or 5 songs out of courtesy to others (I guess). They raised their arms instructing everyone to get up on "Djobi Djoba"; and everyone popped up quickly as if waiting on the edge of their seats to dance. Seeing them in Florida where there was a very large Spanish-speaking crowd made it all the more exciting and welcoming, though I do not speak Spanish myself (trying to learn). I hope to bring my family next time. The crowd was diverse in every way but with a common interest in GK music. I think that also added to the atmosphere. The sound in Clearwater was a bit off on several songs (maybe the bass and another guitar?), but it didn't matter. They were incredible regardless. The show ended with Bamboleo as an encore, and Nicolas said a few words at the end (wish I knew what). They played La Tounga from the newest album. I didn't recognize my favorites from that CD during the concert, but they may have played a couple more that I just didn't realize. They did a showcase of the back-up band's talents, which was very good. I only wish the show was longer. I did not hear a few of my favorites. During the last part of the show, three girls from the crowd got on stage and "danced", which I could have done without. Then, two professional dancers in costume danced and were outstanding to watch. Overall, it was a phenomenal experience; and I cannot wait to see them again. I think all there wanted to just let go and take in the music.


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