World TOUR 2008

Kansas City, Kansas - March 7
Since I couldn't attend the Chicago show I decided at the last possible second to attend the Kansas City show. I hopped on a plane around noon on Friday and got to Missouri 2 hours later.

The bitter cold wind of that part of the world kicked us all in the nuts but the intensity of the guys on stage was phenomenal. The set list is pretty much the same as in the Chicago show with one exception: Nicolas and Andres played "Mi Corazon" just with the two of them playing guitar and singing. That was really nice.

When Tonino opened up with "Rumba Tech", it was only by a miracle of God that I didn't have a heart attack. :-)

The sound was ok in my opinion, with the exception of several moments of ear splitting feedback. I was talking to their sound guy, George, who told me that their sound equipment was ruined because the truck that was carrying it had an accident on the highway. The truck was avoiding some weather related debris/accident on the road and wound up driving off road, severely damaging their sound equipment. George had to use the house/borrow sound equipment and wasn't sure how to work it. He was very frustrated and Pacheco also said how the entire band was very disappointed in the sound. To my half deaf ear, it sounded great! But I know what it's like to know how you should sound and how it goes out to the audience and sometimes the two don't match.

Also got to visit with their new drummer, who I believe is named Steve, but don't quote me on that. He is a really cool guy and seems to really be geeked about being on tour with them.

It was an amazing show and I'm glad I took the plunge and got to experience their "winter" tour.


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