World TOUR 2008

Los Angeles, California - August 15-16
The starry night sky filled the Los Angeles Greek Theater. The people paraded around with their tight fitting clothing, showing off their latest fashions. It's definitely the IN crowd! Darling! You look simply marvelous! Salsa and Tango music entertained the audience while everyone anxiously anticipated the first guitar chords of the Gipsy Kings concert. Hush!

The foggy lights dimmed and the back-up band entered the stage. David made the introduction... "Good Evening Los Angeles!" "Please welcome all the way from Arles and Montpellier from the south of France The Gipsy Kings!!" Yeah...The Gipsy fiesta has started! The party is definitely at this house, and LA is rocking!! Pablo, Andre, Nicolas, Tonino, Paco & Canut enter the stage.

Nicolas salutes the audience by raising his left arm and twirling it upwards towards the heavens. The ground was shaking with thousands of happy feet dancing around. Superb acoustical sound, crystal clear guitar chords, and cell phone cameras surrounded me. Aww! Nicolas with his million dollar smiley. Whew! I must be dreaming already!! The guys were in a good mood and sang each song with their heart and soul. They seemed to really enjoy the LA crowd, and audience was ready to party. The playlist was similar to Wolftrap with a few minor changes.


Set 1

Rumba Tec
Djobi Djoba
A Tiki Tiki
Lleva Me Compas
Un Amor
A Tu Vera
La Quiero


Set 2

Si Tu Me Quieres
La Dona
Como Siento Yo
Pena Penita
Baila Me

The concert was absolutely spectacular and The Gipsy Kings put on another awesome concert. They are so Fabulous! You could feel all the high energy from the band, and the crowd was loving every minute of the show by singing along, dancing by their seats, clapping to the songs etc. This house is ROCKIN' !! A few girls jumped on stage but were quickly escorted off. Everyone was having such a wonderful time, and the show was simply phenomenal. I love 'em!!

That's a wrap from LA!!

Stay Fabulous!

Glitz! Glamour! Vegas!


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