World TOUR 2008

Tunica, Mississippi - February 28

Great small-venue show, rather small crowd, but an intimate little show. Paul was the silver fox no hair dye last night. I hate that Patchai didn't come. Andre did Pena Penita again..great job! Nicholas sang A Mi Manera A Capella at show's end. They played for only an hour or so and hurried off stage...

Concert was very fun, Tonino played a nice version of Sabroso. Set list in best order I can remember:

  • Djobi Djoba
  • La Dona (Andre Singing)
  • Un Amor
  • Pharaon
  • Si Tu Me Quieres
  • Sol Y Luna
  • Lleva Me el Compas
  • Pena Penita (Andre Singing, outstanding, all though he fumbled for a couple of lyrics grinning at Paul )
  • Sabroso-everyone in backup band got a little solo here.....


  • Volare
  • Bamboleo
  • A Mi Manera (Nicholas A Capella)

I am sure they played a few more songs than this, but they really only played for about an hour, and Canut did the Tiki Tiki song early in the show. I think that's pretty much the whole show. The biggest bummer was no Patchai. The mix was suprisingly good-hard to screw up in this small room. When Andre and Canut sang they could have turned them up a bit more, but I really cannot bitch about the mix. And not one squeal of feedback. Only about half the seats were full and they let everybody move up. So there's my two cents worth.


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